EXCLUSIVE: David Lee Murphy Re-Records ‘Dust on The Bottle,’ Other 90s Country Hits

Outsider.com contributor, Marty Smith sat down with country music legend David Lee Murphy to talk everything from 1990’s hits to current collabs. Murphy has proved his influence is everlasting, but (thankfully for us Outsiders), he is ready to give fans the sounds of the past in new recordings.

Marty Smith’s Conversation With David Lee Murphy

So here’s what Marty Smith reports from his exclusive Outsider.com interview:

Dust On The Bottle was lighting in a bottle. More than a quarter-century after Dust topped the Billboard Hot Country chart, David Lee Murphy’s signature work is everything it lyrically suggests — rare staying power that only improves with time.

Speaking of improving, Murphy dropped some news on me. He recently revisited the studio in which he originally recorded Dust — to recut an updated, beefier version.

“These days, man, when you cut songs in the studio they just sound bigger,” Murphy told us. “And when we cut Dust On The Bottle, bang! We felt the same magic all over again. It just fell out The guys playing it, Brent Mason, he’s like, ‘Man, that’s Dust On The Bottle! It was so much fun to go back in and re-record it with those guys.”

That’s not all they cut. Murphy told Outsider he also cut an updated version of another of his 90s monsters, Party Crowd, as well as hits he wrote for other artists, including Big Green Tractor (Jason Aldean), Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not? (Thompson Square), and Anywhere With You (Jake Owen).

I cannot describe my reaction. Fangirl is the closest description, and even that doesn’t do this excitement justice. So… I had to know, is he going to release these songs as an album?

“I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet,” he laughed. “Maybe I’ll just put them on the streaming services for something new and bigger to listen to.”

Fantastic. Smith assures us he took the liberty to assure him everyone at Outsider is all in. We’re ready to put it on repeat and crank the volume.

David Lee Murphy’s 1994 Country Hit ‘Dust On The Bottle’

Dust On The Bottle was released on August 30, 1994. Though it has been over 25 years since its release, the lyrics have proven true until this day.

There might be a little dust on the bottle It’s one of those things that gets sweeter with time

Dust On The Bottle – David Lee Murphy

Without a doubt, this song – and its singer – have gotten sweeter with time. The tune gets better with age, just as Murphy sings of good relationships and good wine.

The song is something you may have seen performed at recent shows of modern country stars. When DLM travels with the up-and-coming icons who he writes for, he almost always gets lured on stage to perform his masterpiece alongside the headliner.

Justin Moore even told Marty Smith about the spiritual feeling of being able to perform Dust with Murphy. “And we’re talking decades after it came out,” Moore emphasized.

You’re still with me and we’ve made some memories After all these years there’s one thing I find Some say good love well it’s like a fine wine It keeps getting better as the days go by

Dust On The Bottle – David Lee Murphy

Memories made for sure. The song has grown and morphed and the names of those who have sung the hit is unmeasurable. Whether sung by a star on stage with DLM or — fine, we’ll admit it — belted on the top of our lungs in the car, the song seems to get better as the days go by.

Other Songs By Songwriting Icon David Lee Murphy

He told Smith that not only did he re-record Dust on the Bottle, but other iconic songs of his, including another 1994 release, Party Crowd.

Plus, they also cut new versions of hit songs he wrote for other artists. And you know that list is long. Outsider confirmed Big Green Tractor (Jason Aldean), Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not? (Thompson Square), and Anywhere With You (Jake Owen) were also re-recorded recently.

Other notable songs by David Lee Murphy:

  • “Ain’t Much Left Of Me” – Blackberry Smoke. Written by David Lee Murphy / Blackberry Smoke.
  • “Broken Windshield View” – Chris Lane. Written by David Lee Murphy / Rodney Clawson / Shane Minor
  • “Pirate Flag” – Kenny Chesney. Written by David Lee Murphy / Ross Copperman.
  • “Anywhere With You” – Jake Owen. Written by David Lee Murphy / Ben Hayslip / Jim Yeary.
  • “Living In Fast Forward” – Kenny Chesney. Written by David Lee Murphy / Rivers Rutherford
  • “Just Enough to Get In Trouble – Hank Williams Jr. Written by David Lee Murphy / Kim Tribble.
  • “Red Roses Won’t Work Now” – Reba McEntire. Written By David Lee Murphy / Jimbeau Hinson.

Now, we’re waiting and refreshing our music streaming services… Our speakers are ready to be cranked to 11 and listen to the new versions of the classic hits.