‘FBI: International’ Showrunner Reveals New Details About Upcoming Episode

The FBI: International show runner just revealed new details about tomorrow’s episode in an interview where he discussed what’s next. Tomorrow’s episode is called “The Soul of Chess” and will follow the team navigating delicate relations with Polish authorities.

The episode will follow the team investigating the death of an American journalist in Poland. The journalist travelled to Poland to meet with an anonymous source. Jamie Kellett returns to the field after and will likely clash with local officials.

Show runner Derek Haas previewed the episode to TV Insider. This seems to be one he’s particularly excited about as the show continues to flesh out the new characters. He also discussed why they chose this particular plot point.

The New ‘FBI: International’ Episode Will Follow the Investigation of a Dead Journalist

“The Polish authorities are welcoming the Fly Team’s assistance. They need their help and expertise. This is a case that involves Russian poisoning and journalists. We thought it was really topical in terms of where the state of the world views are regarding journalism and investigative journalism and the fact that over the last five years, journalists have just been targeted more and more,” he said. “We thought it was a fresh look at that phenomenon.

The willingness to co-operate will be good for Jeager. She won’t have to work as hard to build relationships and keep an eye on Forrester. Jeager has emerged as a fan favorite over the first few episodes.

“Forrester always is going to get under Jaeger’s skin a little bit,” he said. “We like that dynamic and she always receives him with a twinkle in her eye, even when she’s frustrated by him. That’s been fun to play. Christiane Paul does such a great job playing that character.”

And as far as future mission goes, Haas tells fans to keep an eye out for a mission in Paris a couple episodes from now. Apparently, he really likes that one. It also covers a very intense topic: Nuclear peace talks and what happens when important information crucial to world security goes missing. Sounds like a nightmare, but the FBI: International team is ready to tackle it.

The Show is a Part of a Big Night of TV

FBI: International is the newest addition to the FBI franchise. The franchise, created by Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, has taken up three hours of CBS’s coveted Tuesday night slot. FBI even swapped places with NCIS so all three of the shows could air back to back. It appears to be working. The franchise has beat out some impressive competitors in the ratings and just got a full season order from CBS.

If you want to catch FBI: International, the show airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8 Central. Of course, it’s sandwiched between FBI and FBI: Most Wanted and if you like one, you’ll probably like the other two.