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Fourth of July Video Shows Fireworks and a Lightning Bolt Strike at the Same Time

Fireworks Lightning
Vernon Raineil Cenzon, Unsplash

Firework shows are amazing but seeing fireworks while a strike of lightning happens is magical.

WKRN news anchor Josh Breslow posted a video of the exact moment that a lightning bolt struck over fireworks to his Twitter account. The video was recorded by Bryan Watt on the Fourth of July in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The timing of the firework makes it look like something out of a Disney movie. So far the video has been viewed 5,000 times.

Watch the startling video, below.

Fourth of July Fireworks Statistics

Men are two times more likely than women to get injured using fireworks. Over 72% of accidents concerning fireworks happen at home. Sporting event firework accidents account for 11% of all firework accidents.

Surprisingly, the Fourth of July only accounts for 26.48% of firework injuries. The second date with the most injuries occurs on July 5. New Year’s Eve and Day on January 1 account for a mere 3.75%.

Where do firework injuries occur most often? Hands and fingers account for 35.16% of all injuries. Secondly, the head and face similarly account for 33.29%. Over half of the types of injuries occurred are burns.

According to the American Pyrotechnics Association’s 2017 report, there are on average 15,000 firework displays across the country to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Illegal Fireworks

Believe it or not, some states and towns actually ban fireworks, like Massachusetts. However, you can still catch a professional fireworks display in the state.

Furthermore, Illinois, Ohio, and Vermont have extremely strict fireworks state laws. Residents can only purchase sparklers on wood sticks and specific novelty items.

The Coronavirus Impact

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there has been an increase in firework sales. “The general public is buying more than ever before,” Steve Houser, president of the National Fireworks Association told WTTW News.

Additionally, people and companies found ways around hosting large gatherings. Some events had attendees stay in their cars. In addition, some Fourth of July celebrations had citizens stay socially distant. Finally, Disney released a YouTube video of a previous Fourth of July fireworks display for fans to watch at home.