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First Caribbean Cruise to Depart After COVID-19 Shutdown Announces 5 Positive Cases Onboard

Photo by Gabriele Maricchiolo/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The cruise industry has experienced another COVID-19 outbreak as it attempted to ease back into the Caribbean.

Five passengers aboard the SeaDream 1 cruise ship have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the ship’s captain said in an announcement. SeaDream Yacht Club explained the announcement that “guests” have tested positive for the virus. They did not, however, specify the number who had done so.

The news release goes on to say that all guests and nonessential crew are currently quarantining in their rooms.

CNN correspondent Ana Cabrera announced the news earlier today on Twitter.

“JUST IN: The ship’s captain announces 5 people have tested positive for #COVID19 on SeaDream 1, the first cruise ship to embark on a voyage in the Caribbean since the #coronavirus shut down the cruise industry,” Cabrera wrote.

All Crew Members Test Negative for COVID-19

According to the captain of the ship, they were in the Grenadines at the time of the first preliminary positive test on Wednesday. They subsequently docked in Barbados that same evening.

SeaDream 1 is the first vessel to resume cruise-ship activities in the Caribbean since the start of the pandemic.

Crew members were the first to get tested and all results came back negative. 

“The ship’s medical staff has tested all crew members and all tests have come back negative. SeaDream is currently retesting all guests,” SeaDream’s statement says.

Gene Sloan is a passenger aboard the ship. He says that crew members told him that if all other passengers tested negative, they could potentially leave their cabins soon. They told him that on Thursday. They also told him that shortly after they would be able to disembark from the ship.

There are currently 66 crew members and 53 passengers aboard the ship, Sloan said. Officials for SeaDream are awaiting approval from the Barbados government to disembark guests.

“SeaDream is following all protocols recommended by the health authorities,” the release says.