Flight Attendant Films V-Shaped UFO Flying Through Georgia Skies

In the past couple of years, several UFO sightings have come to light. The US government is once again taking UFO reports seriously. As a result, many members of the armed forces, celebrities, pilots, and other people have felt safe to come forward. Others are still worried about being branded as crazy or a liar by skeptics. So, they rely on the anonymity of the internet to share their stories. Recently, a flight attendant did just that after they witnessed a V-shaped UFO flying above their plane.

The unnamed flight attendant captured the video of the V-shaped UFO while in the cockpit of an Airbus a320. Then, they submitted the video to the popular YouTube channel UFOmania. According to the video’s description, they were flying over Georgia at the time. The flight attendant had a perfect view of the Milky Way. Additionally, they had a new iPhone 13 Pro Max and wanted to use its cutting-edge camera to take a few photos of the galaxy.

While taking photos of the sky from another conventional aircraft flew over the Airbus. So, the flight attendant decided to shoot a video of that sight as well. After all, they had a brand new phone and wanted to test the limits of the camera. At the same time, that would be a neat video to share with friends. However, things got more interesting when a strange craft entered the frame. Check out the video of the V-shaped UFO below.

The Airbus was flying at 39,000 feet and the other conventional aircraft was going the opposite direction at 40,000 feet. According to the video’s description, the V-shaped UFO appeared to be flying between the two airplanes.

Looking at the V-Shaped UFO Video

The iPhone’s camera struggles to pull the craft into focus. For most of the video, the UFO looks more like a bar containing three lights. However, a fourth light becomes visible. Then, for a few frames, a fifth light comes into focus and reveals the UFO’s V-shape.

It appears the lights on one side of the V are colored. The center light is red, the one next to it is green, and the light on what seems to be the tip of the UFO’s wing is white. However, the lights on the other side of the V appear to be white. Additionally, they are fainter than the others. But, that could just be the angle from which the flight attendant is filming.

In many ways, this craft matches previous sightings of V-shaped UFOs. Sightings of V or boomerang-shaped crafts, including the famous Phoenix Lights, feature huge ships with lights along the fronts of their wings. The craft in the video is probably around 500 feet away. So, it could be massive and still look relatively small on a cellphone video.