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Watch: Flight Attendant, Passenger Fight Over American Flag Gaiter

Boarding a flight looks different these days. There are still rules to follow. A Spirit Airlines passenger boarded a flight wearing an American flag-themed neck gaiter. He would not change masks after being told the one he was wearing was not “legal”.

The exchange was recorded and shared online via Twitter by SV News. The man is in a heated argument about his mask, which the flight attendant has asked him to change out of.

“I’ve literally been on 20 flights with this same mask,” the passenger replied.

“We’ll have the authorities waiting for you when you land,” the flight attendant replied.

Spirit Airlines has since released a statement indicating that it follows the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These rules state that “gaiters may not be effective.”


This particular incident’s outcome is unclear. Spirit has since indicated that its policy is for passengers to wear the “standard ear-loop face covering.” Another option is to double up neck gaiters.

The aftermath of the gaiter incident

The passenger allegedly refused to double up the gaiter or change his mask. Spirit also denied that the reason he was singled out was related to the mask design.

“Spirit Airlines proudly welcomes anyone onboard who wants to show their pride with an American flag on a face covering that complies with our policy,” the airline shared.

It could be a good idea for future passengers to comply with the rules set forth by the airline. Flying can be a treacherous endeavor right now. Whether you wear a mask or gaiter, it’s important to protect yourself.

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