Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line Opens Up About Politically ‘Different Views’ from Bandmate Brian Kelley

In a revealing interview, Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line opens up about how the band deals with their politically “different views”, and try to stay “grateful”.

Speaking to Florida Georgia Line’s record label, Tyler Hubbard opens up about how he’s trying to stay positive in 2020. The year has been rough for all of us. Hubbard, however, has had it rough. After testing positive for COVID-19 and having to drop out of the CMA Awards, Hubbard has said that 2020 has been the toughest year of his life.

So how is Hubbard dealing with the low blows 2020 keeps on bringing? “Someone told us at some point that it’s hard to have a bad day or be in a bad mood if you’re thinking about what you’re grateful for,” Hubbard tells GFL’s record label.

“I mean, obviously we have days that we struggle with this,” he continues. “But just trying to live in a mindset of being grateful, you know? We have a ton to be grateful for, so, really, it’s not hard. It’s just a matter of telling yourself, ‘Hey! Look around for a second and realize where you’re at.’”

Florida Georgia Line on “Political Differences”

For the pair, things are made more difficult by the deeply polarized political atmosphere of present-day America. Fans have noticed over the course of the past few years that Hubbard and band partner Brian Kelley differ wildly on their political beliefs.

This doesn’t stop the two from continuing to look on the bright side, however.

“So, I don’t know, it’s a lifestyle that we’ve tried to adapt and a mindset that we’ve tried to adapt and it just makes life so much more beautiful,” Hubbard adds of his outlook with Kelley.

“As it relates to politics, we might have different views or [a] different set of opinions or the way we perceive our leaders, but ultimately we’re a lot alike and we think a lot alike,” he continues. Current U.S. politics continue to divide citizens, but these two country rockstars refuse to let those lines be drawn between then. So what keeps them close and understanding of one another despite it all?

“We both believe in God and we both put our faith in him and we know that he’s in control over Donald Trump or Joe Biden,” Hubbard reveals. “So we’re voting Jesus and our world and trusting that He’s in control and letting our risks come there.”

“And ultimately we all have a lot to be thankful for,” the Florida Georgia Line frontman concludes. “And it just seems like more and more blessings continue to be poured on us so, it gets easier and easier as you kind of practice that, for us.”

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