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Ford F-150 Raptor Gets Transformed Into A Cybertruck By Tesla Super Fan

Ford F-150 Raptor Gets Transformed Into A Cybertruck By Tesla Fan
Photo credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

A Tesla super-fan refused to wait another year for the Cybertruck to released. He decided to create one himself by transforming a gasoline-powered Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck.

Elon Musk and Tesla announced the futuristic, cyberpunk inspired truck last November. The Cybertruck, an electric pickup, comes in three different models. The cheapest sells for around $40,000 and is capable of driving 250 miles. Meanwhile, the company is selling the most expensive model for around $70,000. It is capable of driving 500 miles, according to The Verge.

Igor Krezic, a Bosnia resident, had Stark Solutions retrofit the Ford pickup into a Cybertruck replica. Stark Solutions is an automated betting terminal manufacturing company. The team took eight months to complete, with a few compromises along the way. It has more conventional lighting and runs on gasoline rather than electricity.

The team replicated the Cybertruck the best they could.

The team tried to replicate the Cybertruck as close as possible, even including a rectangular steering wheel and marble dashboard.

“Everybody was watching and half of them thought we made a tank. Because people don’t know what the Cybertruck is,” company manager Mario Coric said. “One girl even stopped and asked if this is the place where they are producing Tesla Cybertruck.”

Kreziec hopes to register the vehicle to drive legally on the road. However, local safety regulations prohibits sharp edges on vehicles.

“We are currently working to get the car registered. But the problem is that sharp edges are prohibited by law in our country,” engineer Mila Maric told Global News

When the official Cybertruck finally releases, Kreziec will have to cross borders to purchase it. Tesla doesn’t have any stores in Bosnia and Herzegovina but does have an outlet in nearby Slovenia. The company hasn’t announced an exact release date for the truck besides a tentative launch of late 2021.

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