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Fox Anchor Overcomes Colon Cancer After Screenings Canceled Three Times in 2020

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

For established FOX 59 Morning News anchor Linda Thackston, figuring out that she had colon cancer took much longer than one would hope. The Indianapolis broadcaster has recently entered the national news cycle after announcing she has beaten colon cancer.

According to People, Thackston began feeling more and more tired back in February 2020, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her health only deteriorated over the months, as she began feeling intestinal issues and also had bloody issues with passing food.

In an interview with Today, she explained how she first realized something was wrong.

“We went on little family vacation last February,” Thackston said. “And my husband made the comment, ‘I think you’re way too tired. More than you should be.’ And I got really offended because I thought, ‘Well, I get up at 2:30 in the morning.'”

Her early rising time is because she is the mother to a five-year-old child. All the same, she eventually took a trip to the doctor. The medical professionals then recommended a colonoscopy due to signs of inflammation. This is where her issues with getting a screen came in.

“That got postponed three time because of COVID but my doctor just kept insisting that I get one,” she said. “I credit her for saving my life because she kept pushing until she found someone who would give me one and he happened to be a colorectal cancer surgeon.”

She accepted her advice, but figuring out the issue was just the first part of overcoming colon cancer. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer, and that meant time and action was of the upmost importance.

Thackston Beats Colon Cancer

The morning anchor vividly described learning the news when she finally was able to get her colonoscopy. After hearing a nurse mention a tumor, she immediately went to thoughts of her young son.

“It’s just a weight on your shoulders that you can’t even put into words. It was so hard to look at my son because I was just wondering how much time I had with him,” she said. “Right then, cancer became a full-time job.”

2020 was difficult for so many people, and the summer of 2020 was where Thackston was first tested.

“I was in the hospital for 24 days and had emergency surgery, a bowel blockage, I lost three weeks of my memory,” Thackston said. “… I was in and out of the ER all summer with bowel blockages.”

Sadly, that was just the beginning. Tens of chemotherapy sessions, surgeries to remove the tumor and stop internal bleeding, and the removal of her gallbladder were all required in the process. Her battle with colon cancer left her 40 pounds weaker.

But she persevered, and on April 12, she was able to say she had won. As seen in the video below, Thackston got to ring her bell.

It’s been hard for Thackston in her recovery as well. The mixed emotions of making it through while others do not is something that has weighed heavily on her.

“You have a whole year of doing nothing but fighting the cancer, then all of the sudden you are done. You have survivor’s guilt. I felt bad about ringing that bell and looking at everyone else still sitting there,” she said. “Why did I make it? I don’t know.”

One can’t imagine what that must feel like. But Thackston is back to living her life, and is looking forward to the future, per an Instagram caption.

“Thank you all for helping me get through the last year and for still helping as I try to transition back to life,” she wrote.. “It’s very overwhelming.”