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Fraternal Order of Police Sends Message to White House Over ‘Violent Crime in Our Country’

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

News outlets as of late have readily been covering our country’s crime rates, with many noting it rising in many categories. After the White House press secretary made comments about the statistics, the Fraternal Order of Police sent them a message about “violent crime in our country” and its severity.

Yesterday, Fox News covered rising crime rates in the United States. Upon seeing the footage, White House press secretary Jen Psaki made remarks questioning how valid the outlet’s statistics were. This prompted the Fraternal Order of Police to send the White House a message about violent crime here. Further, the organization accused her of “laughing it off” and downplaying how serious it is.

“I think it’s wrong—very wrong—for Ms. Psaki to suggest that violent crime in our country is of no concern or to just laugh it off,” began President of the Fraternal Order of Police Patrick Yoes in an official statement. “She may feel safe in the White House, one of the most protected buildings in the United States, but not everyone feels safe in their workplace,” Yoes continued. “The world we find ourselves in is dangerous and is becoming increasingly more so. Tens of thousands of people have been the victims of crime this month alone and some of them never made it back home.”

Concluding, Yoes condemns Psaki’s comments and feels she should apologize. “Pretending violent crimes are part of some other reality will not help victims. Ms. Psaki owes them an apology.”

Fraternal Order of Police Vice President Wants Law Enforcement ‘Demonization’ to End

The Fraternal Order of Police voiced their disdain for another issue they feel plagues our country earlier this year. This statement came from the organization’s vice president and asked to end law enforcement “demonization.”

Also speaking to Fox News, Fraternal Order of Police Vice President Joe Gamaldi condemned the public for “demonizing” law enforcement. Overall, the comments came after statistics showed attacks on law enforcement officers in America hit an all-time high in 2021. An FOP report stated 346 officers suffered gunshot wounds in that one year alone.

“There are a lot of politicians out there and people in the media and citizens who don’t think we deserve any kind of respect,” Gamaldi told Fox News. “But you know what? We damn sure earn that respect every single day that we put that uniform on through our blood, sweat and tears. And it’s well past time for the violence against law enforcement to stop and the demonization of law enforcement to stop.”

The report also stated ambush-style attacks rose 115 percent compared to 2020. Gamaldi then claimed things aren’t the same now and people think less about killing officers. He also states we should focus on helping communities and minimizing crime.