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‘Freedom Convoy’ of Canadian Truckers Arrives in Ottawa Ahead of Vaccine Requirement Protest

(Photo by Zou Zheng/Xinhua via Getty Images)

Since the middle of January, Canadian truckers formed a “Freedom Convoy” to protest a vaccine mandate for drivers. Last night, the group began to arrive in Ottawa ahead of the protest planned for this weekend.

The convoy now exceeds 50,000 Canadian truck drivers who started gathering in Ottawa last night. The group plans for their protest to last throughout the weekend. Though many of the group’s leaders call for a peaceful demonstration, some within have included threats of violence, Daily Mail reports. Ottawa police state they will be out in force and are prepared to arrest anyone who breaks the law. Additionally, they said they have called in “reinforcements,” though the term remains vague.

The vaccine mandate they are protesting requires unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers to take a COVID-19 test and quarantine when returning from the United States. Further, they aren’t allowed into the U.S. unless they are vaccinated and vice versa unless they show a certificate saying they tested negative. American drivers returning to the U.S. on the other hand do not need a test and quarantine.

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, claims the trucker protest is minor. According to him, nearly 90 percent of Canada received vaccinations. Nevertheless, the truckers dislike the mandate and arrived after a 2,000-mile protest rally. United States truckers also joined in the convoy, with drivers from Georgia, Colorado, South Carolina, and California showing support. The organizers are calling for the government to end vaccine passports and “respect the rights of the unvaccinated.”

Though Trudeau claims the truckers comprise a “vocal minority,” reports state the “Freedom Convoy” reached 70 kilometers in length. For reference, before this, the longest convoy in history was only five miles long.

As of now, no violent incidents have been reported.

Elon Musk Expresses Support for ‘Freedom Convoy’

United States truckers aren’t the only ones throwing their hat in the ring regarding Canada’s “Freedom Convoy.” Elon Musk is one of them, recently tweeting his support for their plight.

Those who follow Musk know he isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, even on touchy subjects. This one is no different, with him initially tweeting “Canadian truckers rule” after hearing the news. He responded to a few people on Twitter as well, claiming what Canada is doing is akin to tyranny.

“If you scare people enough, they will demand removal of freedom. This is the path to tyranny,” the tweet states. Another reads “Honestly, I would let the border regions vote. Let the people there actually decide.”

This isn’t the first time Musk opposed government-mandated vaccines. Way back in September 2020, he stated his entire family wouldn’t receive the vaccine because none of them are at risk, though a few months later he claimed to have a moderate case of COVID.