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Gabby Petito: Brian Laundrie’s Mom Accused of Allegedly Having Burner Phone to Contact Him

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Researchers online believe they’ve caught Roberta Laundrie, Brian Laundrie’s mom, using a burner cell phone to stay in contact with her son. It’s just the latest turn in the search to find out what happened to Gabby Petito.

The accusation began online when a Twitter account said the FBI was investigating the claim that Brian Laundrie was still in contact with his mom using an unknown phone. Lyssa Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter, seemed to confirm that report, the Daily Mail reported. Though, she didn’t provide any proof.

Journalists reached out to the FBI, but they would not discuss any evidence in the case.

‘We do not confirm or deny contact with any individual or entity in order to preserve their privacy, as such, we do not confirm or deny the receipt of any tip. We have no additional comment,’ the FBI told a Tampa Bay reporter

The Laundrie family attorney said they had no comment.

Part of this began when internet detectives say they’ve noticed changes in Brian Laundrie’s Instagram and Spotify accounts since he disappeared on Sept. 14, The Sun said. Inside Edition reported that his Instagram went live for three seconds on Monday. It allegedly showed waves and part of a boat. The account also unfollowed several people, the report claims.

Many people believe that Brian Laundrie is on the run from police after the death of his fiancee, Gabby Petito. That includes Petito’s family. Authorities, however, have the 23-year-old listed as missing. Though, they hope to find him to question him about Petito’s death, which a medical examiner ruled as a homicide. The couple was on a cross-country road trip when Gabby Petito stopped contacting her family on Aug. 25. Laundrie returned to his family’s home in Florida on Sept. 1, and he and his family have stonewalled investigators since.

Laundries Confirm Camping Trip After Gabby Petito Was Missing

Steven Bertolini, the attorney for the Laundrie family, confirmed reports that the family went camping at Fort DeSoto Park after Brian Laundrie returned home, Fox News reported. They went camping overnight on Sept. 6, he said, almost a week after Laundrie returned home. Though, Gabby Petito’s family didn’t report her missing until Sept. 11. The FBI found her body at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming on Sept. 19.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was the first to accuse the family of going camping after Laundrie returned home. He was scouring the park located about 75 miles north of the family’s home earlier this week. He believes there are several good hiding spots there because it is large — 1,500 acres — and consists of multiples keys.

The bounty hunter also claimed that three members of the Laundrie family went camping, but only two returned home. Investigators haven’t confirmed this report, and the family denies it.

“I will no longer give that dog credibility or dignify his false claims with the time of my reply,” the Laundries’ attorney told Fox News. The family said they do not know where their son is, nor have they helped him since he disappeared.

No one has reported seeing Brian Laundrie at the park, Fox 13 reported, and investigators said they are not searching for him there.