Gabby Petito Case: Brian Laundrie’s Has a Series of Eerie Artwork on His Instagram

Besides his enthusiasm for nature, one of the few facts the public knows about Brian Laundrie is that he’s an artist. However, he’s not painting any of the landscapes he visits or even a bowl of fruit. Instead, he prefers to draw more dark and twisted scenes involving gore and death. It has caught the attention of internet sleuths who believe that these drawings point to a more violent side of Laundrie. The artist share3d many of his creations on his Instagram, where users have begun to dissect each work and determine it has any significance to the case.

One of the most chilling creations on Brian Laundrie’s Instagram is a watercolor painting based on the high-octane videogame, Hotline Miami, which Rock Paper Shotgun described as ..a tactical and aesthetic masterpiece as well as a pixel-art odyssey of ice-cold violence.”

In the painting, a man in a wolf mask sits on a stool with a bloodied knife in hand, a halo around his head and a rotary phone at his feet. In the background, three other characters, a cow, a pig and a donkey brandish their own weapons behind the main subject. The caption, too, left viewers with an uneasy feeling. Laundrie posted a secret phone number that leads to a recorded message.

“We are 50 Blessings, together we march, m-m-m-march, into the future. Ahh-h-h-h. You have reached the wrong number,” the recorded message says.

This, again, is another reference to the ultra-violent video game, Hotline Miami.

Internet Sleuths Respond to Brian Laundrie’s Artwork

Prior to Gabby Petito’s disappearance, Laundrie’s painting probably appeared as a tribute to his favorite pastime. However, in light of the investigation, viewers suspect a deeper meaning behind the artwork.

“So there was a knife, two guns blood and a fox face … maybe this is a clue of what he was planning to do,” one user wrote in the comments of Brian Laundrie’s Hotline Miami-inspired artwork.

“Don’t forget the B on the jacket. Could it stand for Brian?” another added.

Meanwhile, fellow followers of Laundrie’s Instagram account aren’t so quick to speculate any connection between the case and his artwork.

“It’s from a video game and this was posted like a year before Gabby’s death,” one user wrote. “Not everything is a ‘clue’ to the crime scene. It does show that he has something of a dark mind tho.”

In addition to Brian Laundrie’s darker works, the artist also posted quite a few prints, stamps and drawings that referenced some of his favorite shows and movies. such as Fight Club, The Simpsons, Beetlejuice and others. His Instagram page featured his varied works up until he and Gabby Petito finally began their cross-country trip on July 4. Following that, Laundrie posted photos of the two together on their adventures through national parks up until mid-August – shortly before Petito went missing.