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Gabby Petito Case: Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Lyssa Joins the Search for Brian Laundrie

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage)

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter, Lyssa Chapman, has joined her father in hunting down Gabby Petito’s missing boyfriend, Brian Laundrie.

Laundrie hasn’t been seen since Sept. 14, according to his parents when they reported him missing. Authorities continue looking for him so they can learn more about what happened to 22-year-old Petito, whose body was found in Wyoming on Sept. 19.

At this time, they haven’t charged Laundrie with anything related to Petito’s death. But they do have a warrant out for his arrest for fraud. He reportedly used someone else’s debit card while Petito was missing.

Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, tracked Laundrie down to Fort De Soto Park near St. Petersburg, Florida. He’s been working with private K-9 units, boat crews, and ground crews to search for Laundrie on an island off the coast.

Last night, the bounty hunter posted an update on his search for Gabby Petito’s boyfriend. In the post, we learned that Lyssa Chapman is handling all the tips coming in that might help Dog’s manhunt.

“Dog and team are heading in from their search and will share their findings with Lyssa Chapman who’s running the tips command center from Hawaii and they will decide next steps with the team,” the Instagram post read.

“Dog sends a thank you to everyone across the nation who is assisting them in the search with information,” the post continued. Then it included a direct quote from Dog.

“This has been a very different search,” Dog said. “Social media has enabled us to do this alongside everyone out there. America is along for the journey with us and I’m ready to do more!”

Dog the Bounty Hunter Uncovers Piece of Evidence That Might Lead to Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend Brian Laundrie

Right after he posted the update about the search, Dog the Bounty Hunter revealed a breakthrough clue. He and his team had discovered a recently used campsite and Monster can on one of the islands.

“Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman discovered a campsite and fresh Monster can deep in the woods while searching Shell Island off the coast of Florida for Brian Laundrie Wednesday,” his latest post read. “The Monster can showed no rust or faded colors, according to a Fox News Digital reporter on the scene with Chapman.”

The can could belong to anyone, as could the campsite. But we’re not sure how likely it is that other people are camping out in the same area where Dog’s searching right now.

Plus, at the end of the post, Dog mentioned that Laundrie still hasn’t been found.

“But Chapman and his team found no conclusive evidence that Laundrie was still on Egmont Key,” the post concluded.