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Gabby Petito Case: New Photos Show How Her Memorial Has Grown to a Touchingly Huge Size

(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Gabby Petito’s disappearance gripped the nation. Everyone wanted to know where she was. Finally, more than a week after her parents reported her missing, the FBI found her body. Someone killed her and left her body in a remote area inside Teton National Park. That was only truly the beginning of the struggle for her family, friends, and neighbors. Now, everyone wants to know how and why Gabby died.

However, many believe that her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie had something to do with it. At the very least, he knows what happened. Authorities and civilians are still looking for him. The hope is that by finding him, we’ll find justice for Petito. More importantly, those who knew and loved her will be able to find some kind of closure.

Until that happens, they’re left adrift in a sea of mourning and questions. However, her loved ones aren’t mourning alone. In fact, people have put together several memorials for Gabby Petito. There’s one in her hometown of Blue Point, Long Island, New York. Additionally, someone arranged stones in the shape of a cross at the place where her body was discovered. However, the largest of those memorials is near City Hall in North Port, Florida where she, her parents, and Brian Laundrie lived. It continues to grow as mourners come to leave items, photos, and messages for Petito.

Fox News shared some photos of that memorial on Twitter. The photos show just how large the memorial is now. It has been two weeks to the day since authorities found Gabby Petito’s body. In that time, the memorial in the small Florida town has grown in leaps and bounds. Look at the touching photos below.

Memorial for Gabby Petito Continues to Grow

In the photos, you can see that the community pulled together in their time of mourning. The items and messages left at the memorial show more than a community in pain, however. If you look at them the right way, you’ll see a community that came together in a dark hour. Those people made the decision to take a moment to remember a bright light that was snuffed out much too early.

Messages like “Always in our hearts,” “Justice for Gabby,” and “Every mother’s daughter,” fill the memorial. They are messages of support and hope. However, the pain and confusion of the case are at the heart of the display. For many, the Gabby Petito case stirs a primordial fear. Many parents look at this case and know, in some small and detached way, how Gabby’s parents are feeling. They can empathize with the nightmare that her loved ones are currently living.

Gabby Petito’s case left her family – and the world – with several unanswered questions. However, we can take some small solace in knowing that when tragedy strikes, communities pull together.