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Gabby Petito Case: Why One Lawyer Thinks the FBI May Already Know Where Brian Laundrie Is

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 Brian Laundrie went “missing,” on September 17. Since then, several individuals and organizations have been hunting for him. Local and federal law enforcement have been tracking him. Additionally, John Walsh, internet sleuths, and even reality TV personality Dog the Bounty Hunter have inserted themselves into the hunt. Currently, it seems like the whole world wants to know where Laundrie is hiding.

It is important to note that Brian Laundrie isn’t actually a suspect in Gabby Petito’s murder. He is, however, the sole person of interest in her disappearance and subsequent murder. On the other hand, the feds have filed a warrant against him for what amounts to bank fraud. This set of circumstances led one TikTok-using lawyer to decide that Laundrie isn’t missing. In fact, he believes that the FBI knows exactly where Laundrie is hiding.


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Why Haven’t the Feds Arrested Brian Laundrie?

According to The Sun, Alabama-based lawyer Jarred Dunn knows why. In short, he says they’re building a case against Laundrie. They want to be able to nail him on a murder charge before bringing him in. So, they’re gathering evidence against him. At the same time, they’re continuing the nationwide manhunt for him to placate the nation and news media.

Dunn opens his video with a photo of Brian Laundrie green-screened in behind him. He starts by saying, “Guys, if you think the authorities don’t know where this guy is, you’re living in Wonderland,” while pointing at the photo behind him. He goes on to say that he was a police officer for years. Dunn adds that he is currently an attorney and he has tracked, arrested, and defended people like Laundrie over the course of his career.

According to Dunn, the FBI filed fraud charges against Brian Laundrie to, “get the public off their backs,” and to allow them a different angle from which to approach Laundrie. He goes on to say that the authorities don’t want him in custody right now. The TikTok attorney says arresting the fugitive would be “the worst possible thing that could happen,” for law enforcement. This is because they only get, “One shot,” to bring him down.

Some Holes in the Theory

Some commenters wanted to know why authorities would spend so much time and money searching for Laundrie if they already know where he’s hiding. According to The Sun, a former LA County Sheriff’s deputy told them that law enforcement officials are spending about $200,000 per day searching for Brian Laundrie. Dunn has no answer for them. “Definitely the best argument against what I’m saying. Makes me wonder if I’m wrong. Still, though, something is up.”

Whether Dunn’s conspiracy theory is true or not, the nationwide manhunt for Brian Laundrie continues.