Garth Brooks Trends on Twitter After Fans Find Out He May Appear in This Political Ad Campaign

Country music superstar Garth Brooks lit up Twitter after a Politico article insinuated he might be involved with a political campaign.

The US health department is working on a special ad campaign to “defeat despair” about the coronavirus. Using taxpayer funds, it will discuss parts of the pandemic while addressing Trump’s actions regarding the public health crisis. It will have a positive spin, of course.

Politico specifically named some of the potential participants. Actor Dennis Quaid and singer CeCe Winans already recorded interviews for the campaign. The article listed Garth Brooks as a candidate, but it didn’t confirm whether or not he had agreed to participate.

It seems that while Brooks’s daughter tested positive for coronavirus over the summer, his reps did not respond to request for comment. The mere idea, however, has folks on social media up in arms. People assume that Brooks has already said yes to the idea.

Fans respond to Garth Brooks and his potential participation in the campaign

A firestorm of tweets rose up about Garth Brooks’ alleged participation.

However, the article did not state he had agreed to be a part of it just yet, as one person pointed out. This is a critical part of the entire argument.

It’s not clear who aside from Garth Brooks and the celebrities listed in the article will participate. That will likely come to light soon enough. Right now, it seems very much up in the air.

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