George Strait Asks Fans Who’s Ready to ‘Get Back Out on the Dance Floor’ in New Post

How long has it been since your boots have been on the hardwood? It has probably been quite a while. To us, it seems like forever. At this point, it’s almost like dance halls and good old honky-tonk bars are things of a bygone era. If you’re feeling that way, you’re definitely not alone. George Strait, the King of Country Music, is right there with you. In fact, he’s asking the big questions on Twitter today.

In his most recent tweet, George Strait asked fans “Who’s ready to get back out on the dance floor and have a little Codigo?” I think the easier question here is who isn’t ready for a little western swing and some good tequila?

George Strait – The King of Country Music and Tequila?

Everybody knows that when it comes to country, George Strait is king. He helped to take mainstream country back to its Texas roots in the 80s. By then, the suits in Nashville wanted to make country music more marketable. So, they started mixing it with pop music. The result was something that was completely different from what many folks saw as “real” country music.

George Strait, on the other hand, cut his teeth on Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys and other great Texas-born acts. Years later, he exploded onto country radio with something that the people had been craving: traditional country music.

Decades later, George Strait stays true to his Texas roots. He still cuts songs that are right at home in the honky tonks. Whether you’re in the mood to dance holes in your shoes or cry into a cold one, The King has you covered.

However, did you know that George Strait co-founded a brand that produces some of the best tequila on the market? That’s right he’s one of the major players behind Codigo Tequila. He even cut a song about it back in 2019. He also name-dropped them in his tweet earlier today.

Codigo and George Strait have something in common. They’re both great. No matter where you look online, Codigo is one of the top-rated tequilas. Would you expect any less? Strait wouldn’t put his stamp of approval on any old rot-gut.

There’s a good chance that there isn’t a dance floor open within a hundred miles of your house. That’s okay. Liquor stores are definitely open. Go get yourself a bottle of Codigo, crank up some classic George Strait, and get your favorite dancing partner. That’s really all you need to have a good time.

I’ll even start your playlist off right. Here’s George Strait and the Texas Playboys doing “Right or Wrong.”