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Georgia Officer Captures Runaway Donkeys Days Removed from Catching One in a ‘Mask’

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If you happened to be missing your runaway donkeys right now at your house, then we’ll assure you that they’ve been captured down in Georgia.

Yes, the runaway donkeys are now successfully rounded up. It’s a story that will make you go “hmm” indeed.

Let’s get to it, Outsiders. An article from Yahoo! starts us on the runaway donkeys’ trail.

An officer at the Dawson County (Ga.) Sheriff’s Office got a call on Saturday, Nov 27. Cpl. Smith went out after getting a report regarding a pair of runaway donkeys that were “trying to get out of town.” That was according to a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff’s Office Person Manages to Capture Runaway Animals Using Apples

How in the world did Smith get the donkeys’ attention? Just some apples.

Well, this happens to be runaway donkeys case No. 2 that Smith responded to this month. Dawson County is located about 60 miles from Atlanta in northern Georgia.

“What are the chances?!” the sheriff’s office report said.

Back during the weekend of Nov. 13, Smith got a call about a donkey walking in a roadway in Dawson County and possibly wearing “some kind of mask,” McClatchy News reported.

Buford The Donkey Caught; Cuffs Not Needed In Apprehending Situation

Meanwhile, Buford the donkey is now back with his owner. Another case of runaway donkeys.

Buford’s owner said he likely got through a fence. But the owner also added that he wasn’t wearing a mask when he got out.

Oh heavens! Who could be responsible for such mayhem?

So, Buford’s owner said that it was possible that the person who reported the castaway donkey might have mistaken his halter for a face mask.

Yes, people were commenting a lot on the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office post. One person tags Smith as “the official Donkey Whisperer.” So, the total of runaway donkeys Smith has been connected with this month now stands at three.

Country Music Star Brad Paisley Joined His Wife In Rescuing Donkeys

Before we leave this story, let’s take a look at what country music star Brad Paisley was doing in October 2020.

Paisley was rescuing donkeys in his time away from touring. This happens at a time where musical acts were sidelined because of COVID-19.

Well, he and his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, worked to make rescuing donkeys happen.

According to Taste of Country, Paisley is now a donkey-rescuer.

During an appearance on Ellen, Paisley shares that he and his wife are “running a donkey rescue, I think – we’ve rescued a couple of donkeys.” The singer then sarcastically quips that he’s “been running a donkey rescue ever since I hired a band – but this is kinda a different level of it.”