‘Gold Rush’ Star Rick Ness Opens Up on the Year He ‘Almost Lost Everything’

Season 12 of Gold Rush officially hit the airwaves back on Friday, September 24. And as per usual, Rick Ness is a part of the show. You already know that he is pumped up, excited, and feeling good.

However, it wasn’t all that long ago that he wasn’t doing so great. As a matter of fact, an unfortunate set of circumstances led to the Gold Rush star nearly losing everything. He spoke to the Idaho Press back in July about what went down when he bought Monster Red.

“Lance Baller is who I bought Monster Red from, as he purchased Monster Red from the Hoffmans, and then the Hoffmans bailed,” Ness explained. “And then when I purchased Monster Red two years ago, he was the guy I went to Colorado to speak to and buy it from. That was that season on Upper Duncan, and I almost lost everything.”

According to the man himself, 2019 was clearly a tough year for him. But what made matters worse is that he went back into debt for the first time in a long time. And that was something he was actively trying to avoid.

“And the big thing that I hated about that year was that I went into debt for the first time in well over a decade. I prided myself as an adult not going into debt, not taking out loans, not spending money that I don’t have. I bought that wash plant, Monster Red, with a down payment, and I had every intention of paying it off by the end of that year. And, it just didn’t work out.”

Lance Baller Deferred 100 Ounces of Gold to ‘Gold Rush’ Star

If it were not for Lance Baller, there is really no telling where Rick Ness would be right now. The Gold Rush star admits that Lance doing him a solid helped him in ways not many people understand.

“I almost lost everything that year. And Lance was nice enough to defer a hundred ounces of gold I owed him for that plant. I went and paid him off that hundred ounces this winter. That was nice for me because it was a monkey off my back that had been there bugging me for two years.”

But Rick Ness is a man of his word. In fact, as soon as he had the 100 ounces of gold that he owed Lance, he made it a point to go and hand-deliver it to him.

“I don’t particularly appreciate owing people money. I still owed the guy a hundred ounces of gold, and I went out there to Colorado to hand-deliver it to him.”

In the end, Ness persevered and owned up to what he owed. There is a reason, after all, that he earned the nickname the “Comeback Kid.”