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Grizzly Bear Attack Victim Reveals Video of Exposed Bone ‘Just In Case He Didn’t Survive’

(photo credit: Thomas Lefebvre / Unsplash)

A Montana man is in recovery after a grizzly bear attack left him with bones and tendons exposed. The victim, Shannon Rammell, had his wife film the aftermath of the attack in the event he didn’t survive.

In the video, Rammell wraps his shirt around his arm while blood rushes down to his fingertips. “We got problems with grizzlies up here at my house and I just got attacked by one,” Rammell says in the clip.

The attack took place on July 27. Alongside his wife and daughter, Rammell recalls searching for evidence of bears after a neighbor spotted tracks near his property. “We had walked over to the pond to look over at the tracks,” Rammell says.

Grizzly Bear Attack: Rammell Says “I Didn’t Stance A Chance

The family was about to head home when Rammell decided to check a nearby building used to store grain. He wanted to see if the bears had eaten any of the grain. “So I went to the building, I looked in slowly to the right-hand side and didn’t see no corn in there,” Rammell says. “So I look to the left, all of a sudden I hear this roar and he come flying out of there right off the bat.”

Rammell explains feeling entirely overwhelmed by the brute strength of the grizzly. “I didn’t stand a chance,” he says. “He come out of there real fast.”

The grizzly then went into full attack mode. “I remember rolling to my belly, and when I rolled to my belly he jumped on my back and bit me with full force trying to rip off this shoulder,” Rammell says. “So I just laid there quietly then because I couldn’t do nothing. He was on top of me.”

When the attack took place, Shannon’s wife Jamie had returned to the truck with their daughter. She acted quickly to help save her husband’s life. “The whole time [the grizzly’s] throwing Shannon like a rag doll,” she said. “So when I punched the truck, he had stopped. And he looked at me dead straight in my eyes. And he got off Shannon and turned around and got out of there.”

Shannon was in shock but still wanted to document the encounter in case he didn’t survive. He was then life-flighted to the hospital for treatment.

Fortunately the grizzly did not break any of Shannon’s bones. However, he sustained multiple wounds to his upper body and arms.

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