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Grizzly Bear Attacks Wyoming Hunter

(photo credit: Sebastian Scheuer / Unsplash)

A Wyoming man is in the hospital after surviving a grizzly bear attack on Saturday. The unidentified man suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The man encountered the grizzly in a remote area east of Dubois, according to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The attack occurred in the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission’s Kirk Inberg/Kevin Roy Wildlife Habitat Management Area.

While looking for antlers in a bush, the man happened upon a female grizzly with a yearling cub, the Casper Star-Tribune reports. The female bear was killed during the encounter, according to The Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Lander Regional Wildlife Supervisor Jason Hunter shared a statement in regards to the incident. “Our thoughts are with the individual who was injured, and we wish him a full and speedy recovery,” Hunter said.

The Game and Fish Commission performed an on-site investigation into the incident. However, no bears were present at the time of the investigation.

More Grizzly Attacks in the US This Year

In the western U.S. this spring, grizzlies have attacked at least three others. On May 1, a grizzly bear attacked a Wyoming man near Cody. The man, 42-year-old Spencer Smith, was also a shed antler hunter. He was unaware of the grizzly until it bit down on bear spray holstered to his hip, the Billings Gazette reports.

On Sunday, a boater suffered non-life-threatening injuries in a grizzly attack near Montana’s Sun River. Following the attack, a helicopter transported the man to the hospital.

The man was a member of a group taking boats down the Sun River. He stepped into some bushes being unaware of the grizzlies’ presence. Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department spokesman, Greg Lemon, detailed the attack. “He put himself between the sow and the cub,” Lemon said. “The sow saw him and immediately attacked him, bit him in a couple of places.”

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