Gwen Stefani Shares ‘Happy Anywhere’ Duet with Blake Shelton Soars to Number One Radio Hit

Earlier today, Gwen Stefani took to Instagram to share her latest achievement with her followers. Her duet with fiance Blake Shelton, “Happy Anywhere” has reached number one on country radio. As she states in the post, this is her second country radio number one and Shelton’s 28th.

“Happy Anywhere”

“Happy Anywhere” was released this summer as a single. Of the track, Shelton said that the year had been so rough that it was time for some happiness. He said that many people have been in various stages of quarantine and he hoped that others were doing it with someone they truly love. It’s obvious from the lyrics in this upbeat love song that Stefani and Shelton were doing just that.

The single was released to stream and download back in July. Since then Shelton has released two videos. One was a traditional music video showing the couple having fun. The video included clips from the couple’s home videos. It really puts their happiness on display. The other video is of a live performance of the song. The way Blake and Gwen look at one another as they harmonize on the chorus says more than lyrics ever could.

Stefani Shares the Big News

This is a great time for Stefani to get the news about “Happy Anywhere”. In just a couple of days, she will release her first solo single that isn’t a Christmas song since 2016. The new single “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” will presumably be her return to pop music. She will be going into that release with two country number ones under her belt.

The lyrics of the hit single say that they can be happy anywhere as long as they’re together. According to Stefani, that makes being at number one together.