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Halloween Decorations Called ‘Too Real’ Prompt Police Investigation

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For many Americans, Christmas represents the most wonderful time of the year. But for plenty of other Outsiders, Halloween is even more exciting, with people spending even more time decorating and preparing for the spooky holiday. However, given the annual holiday’s horror aspect, some people just tend to take things a little too far. Over in the UK, one woman’s Halloween decorations appeared so real that people believed she actually had a dead body in her yard. In fact, the creepy props even prompted a police investigation.

According to the New York Post, the woman’s incredibly realistic Halloween decorations have gone viral on TikTok. And the encounter with police has already seen nearly six million views. Overall, the story itself sounds pretty macabre, but the police officer’s actual reaction to the prop definitely lightens the mood. Check it out.


Not everyday you get blue lights and sirens outside 🤣

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“Not everyday you get blue lights and sirens outside,” the woman good-naturedly captioned her TikTok reel.

As we see in the clip, the police officer apprehensively approaches the fake dead body. Simultaneously, the woman behind the camera sarcastically asks, “It’s realistic then?”

After slowly approaching the Halloween “decoration,” the cop gently kicks its shoe, which comes loose and tilts to the side.

“Do you want to tape that back on?” the hysterical camerawoman asks.

While we can’t be certain whether the cop was annoyed or amused at receiving the call, it’s safe to say that the internet found the now-viral clip absolutely hilarious. Plenty of TikTok users flocked to the comments to share reactions of their own.

Reflecting on the cop’s inner thoughts, one viewer commented, “Through his mind, ‘is there anything illegal about this?'”

Another laughed, “Love that he kicks to check [if it’s real].”

California Home’s 2021 Halloween Decorations Prompted 911 Calls

While the British woman’s dead body prop has UK police officers responding to her house, it’s not the first time the police have been called out for extremely realistic-looking Halloween decorations.

Last year, a pair of California homeowners’ Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired decor prompted multiple 911 calls, with both police officers and firefighters responding. Per ABC World News Now’s account, many of the couple’s neighbors believed the fake fire seen “burning” in their home was real. Footage of the insanely realistic Halloween decorations proves, again, that some people are just much more committed to the spooky holiday than others are.

Ahead of last year’s Halloween celebrations, one of the California homeowners, Carmen Long, spoke out about her and her husband’s encounter with first responders.

“We had a hook and ladder here, another big truck on the side,” she told the news outlet. “Initially, they thought it was a real fire. They got out of the trucks then they walked around and gave my husband a high five. They even said, ‘Great job. It looks so good.'”