Harley-Davidson Owners Speak Out About Canceling 2022 Bikefest

Yet again, the Harley-Davidson store in Erie, Pennsylvania has had to cancel their Bikefest for 2022. This year, COVID was not the issue. In 2020 and 2021 it was the pandemic that stopped the annual event. Summertime is a perfect time for riding and getting out on the road. Throw in the other fun things like food and social time at Bikefest and it’s a recipe for a great time.

However, another year will go by and folks will have to wait for 2023 for the next event.

No Bikefest

  • Harley-Davidson had to cancel Bikefest once again for 2022
  • The event is held each year at the Erie store location
  • There have been supply chain issues as well as issues getting workers for the event
  • Other issues, such as construction at the location factored into the choice to cancel it for a third year

This year, it became clear that the organizers were not going to be able to put on the event. While COVID sidelined the previous two years, it has come down to a few key issues. The first two are the lack of workers for the event and supply chain issues. Without enough people to work the various parts of the six-day festival it certainly complicates things.

The store owners of the Erie location also mentioned that shipping delays have caused them to not have enough bikes or products for the event. Throw in the fact that there is construction going on at the store location and they just decided to put it off for another year.

“The previous two years we canceled because it was a covid related issue. This year has nothing to do with covid. There are several factors we had to [examine] when we look to host an event,” Kelly Lapping, co-owner said.

Now, folks near Erie and those that like to travel to the Pennsylvania town shouldn’t be too let down. The store says they plan to host several events this year, however, it just didn’t make sense to host the large summer festival. So, look out for those events this year.

Harley-Davidson Bikefest Canceled

This event is a fun one for many folks. However, Harley-Davidson had to make the Bikefest decision after seeing what was in front of them. Usually, this event is a big celebration with vendors, Miller Lite, Allegheny Beverage Co., and more have been there in the past.

Part of the disappointment is also the fact that there are several non-profits that will not be getting donations from the proceeds. So, a lot of folks will be missing out on more than a fun festival this year. Hopefully, 2023 is a return in full force up in Erie, PA.