Here’s How You Can Win a Chris Stapleton-Signed Bottle of E.H. Taylor Jr. Bourbon

Outsiders, we’ve got some big news for ya. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Chris Stapleton-signed bourbon bottle? Check it out.

Right now, the charity has put up two packages. There have already been eager bidders, too. One item that you can bid on includes Chris Stapleton bourbon bottles – E.H. Taylor, Jr. single barrel to boot. That’s one of Buffalo Trace’s collections that is a little more uncommon than most of their brands. With these autographed bottles, there’s no telling what the final bids could be.

However, that’s not where the auctions stop. If you are the highest bidder on the first package, you also get two (2) tickets to ANY concert of your choice. Do you want to see Stapleton in Nashville? Montana? Go all the way down to Texas? Well, you pick and get two tickets of your choice.

Then there is the second package. This one is more targeted at the good folks that live in the Bluegrass State. Buffalo Trace is located in Franklin County, near the state capital of Frankfort. Stapleton grew up in the area and has probably been past that distillery more than a few times. Auction winners will get tickets to a Lexington concert and a VIP distillery experience along with their Chris Stapleton-signed bourbon bottle.

As of right now, the price has gotten pretty steep. Both packages are valued at $5,000 on CharityBuzz. With more than a dozen bids on both already, the price has gone up to $3,600 and $3,750, respectively. So, it hasn’t gotten up to $5k yet, but that price is only going to go up, I believe.

These Chris Stapleton bourbon bottles are going to be very coveted. In the state of Kentucky, Stapleton is revered and admired as few have been.

Chris Stapleton Bourbon Bottles Celebrates Industry’s History

Now, here’s a little bourbon history lesson for you, Outsiders. This isn’t just a coincidence or anything like that. The Chris Stapleton-signed bourbon bottle is going to raise money for good causes and celebrate a very important date in bourbon history.

Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., AKA E.H. Taylor Jr. He bought what is now Buffalo Trace Distillery back in the mid-1800s. More than 30 years later, he was a major proponent of the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897. The act basically saved the bourbon and whiskey industries during a time when pure spirits were not easy to come by. Basically, what that means is the liquor has to be distilled by one distiller at one location in one season. After that, it goes off to age for four years minimum in a designated warehouse. Then, it gets bottled at 100 proof exactly.

Buffalo Trace is honoring the legacy of Taylor and his work to protect the industry from bad actors. Also, the barrels for the Chris Stapleton bourbon bottles at auction were picked out by Stapleton and were stored in Warehouse C. The same warehouse that Taylor had built back in 1881.

So, who’s bidding next?