How the ‘1883’ Finale Revealed Major Clues About ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

Yellowstone” and “1883” may not seem like two stories that aren’t completely intertwined yet. However, there was a huge moment in the “1883” finale that could bring it and “Yellowstone” season 5 together in a major way. Although you don’t really have to watch “Yellowstone” to understand “1883,” having some knowledge of the Dutton family definitely helps. Especially in this moment.

Spotted Eagle, played by Graham Greene, is crucial in this scene. He tries to heal Elsa’s wounds, to no avail. When James Dutton states that they’re looking for a place to rest, Spotted Eagle tells him about Paradise Valley. Now, for all you “Yellowstone” fans, you know that this is where the Dutton Ranch is located.

Spotted Eagle says, “In seven generations my people will rise up and take it back from you.” James agrees, and says he’ll gladly give it back. But now, we’re thinking about the Dutton family tree, and if we’ve even gone 7 generations yet. Could this line be a hint as to what’s to come in “Yellowstone” season 5?

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: What We Know About the Dutton Family Tree

The Dutton family tree gets a little bit convoluted at times, as it seems that there are two people named John Dutton Sr. But, let’s get into it anyway; maybe a deep dive into the family will clear some things up for “Yellowstone” season 5.

First of all, we have James Dutton, John Dutton’s great-great-great grandfather. He’s our first generation, who gets the warning from Spotted Eagle. Next, the second generation, John Dutton Sr. played by Audie Rick. He was born about 1878, as he’s 5 in the “1883” finale. In “Yellowstone” flashbacks, he’s played by Jack Michael Doke, but it’s the same character, John Dutton’s great-great grandfather.

Our third generation is John Dutton Jr., whom we haven’t met yet. Supposedly, this character will be the star of “1932,” but we don’t have confirmation on that. We know of Jr.’s existence through the existence of Sr., but this is still speculation on the new series. John Dutton Jr. would be John Dutton’s great grandfather.

Now, the fourth generation would be John Dutton Jr.’s son, but we don’t know if such a character exists yet. Either way, his name is not going to be John, due to the nature of his ancestors being Sr. and Jr. It’s possible we’ll meet this character in “1932” as well, and he’d be John Dutton’s grandfather.

How a Vague Warning in ‘1883’ Finale Could Tie Into Dutton Family

Here’s where things get confusing; in a “Yellowstone” flashback set around the year 2000, John Dutton’s father dies. He’s listed in the credits as John Dutton Sr., but he can’t be the same John Dutton Sr. from “1883,” or else he’d be wicked old, 122 years old, to be exact. So, we come to the conclusion that there are two John Dutton Sr.’s who were born two generations apart.

Kevin Costner’s John Dutton is the sixth generation Dutton, but he’s never listed as John Dutton Jr. I suppose it doesn’t look or sound as intimidating to be a Junior, so he doesn’t include it in his name. But, then, we get to the good stuff: Kayce is the seventh generation Dutton.

Kayce revealed that he “saw the end of us” in his vision, which will lead us into “Yellowstone” season 5. Could the end of the Duttons be related to Spotted Eagle’s warning in the “1883” finale? If so, who is Spotted Eagle’s seventh generation descendent? Is it someone we know? Or someone we’ve yet to meet? Questions, questions, but we’ll have to wait until “Yellowstone” season 5 to find out.