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How to Track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Every Christmas Eve children all over the world get ready to welcome Santa Claus into their homes. From all of the delicious cookies to Santa-dropping gifts off, Christmas is here.

We all know that this is our second Christmas with COVID-19 in the air. But that doesn’t stop Santa from doing what he does best. According to New York Post, the United States-Canadian military operation has been tracking Santa’s big night for more than 60 years. And this is something children look forward to every year.

“That’s the word from the joint U.S.-Canadian military operation that for 66 years has been tracking jolly old St. Nicholas on his global mission and has assured us all by landline and iPhone, Android, OnStar, Facebook, YouTube and more,” New York Post reported. “He is on his way with a sleigh stuffed with toys and a welcome dose of joy.”

In order to sit back and track the man himself, you can tune into the Colorado-based North American Aerospace Defense Command from 4 a.m. to midnight today only. This is something that started out as a fun activity to turning into one of the most popular traditions in the world. It gives children an opportunity to share so much joy while getting them in the Christmas spirit.

NORAD is already sending live Twitter updates on Santa Claus’s departure.

“NORAD radars and satellites are ready to track Santa in just a few hours!”

Certainly, the comments are already blowing up with excitement. For example, one Twitter account said, “Yippie I am so excited.”

NORAD Stays Busy With Answering the Many Questions They Receive

Additionally, NORAD’s headquarters include many volunteers taking phone calls at 1-877-HI-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) They’re required to answer questions like, “When will he make his way towards my house?” or “Do I need to stay up for him?”

The New York Post also reported a statement from a NORAD spokesman, Preston Schlachter.

“Before Friday’s takeoff, the NORAD webpage had been visited more than 3 million times.”

Despite the many obstacles we have faced this year, Santa Claus will always bring joy and comfort to the world.

The one thing NORAD wants everyone to know this holiday season is its motto.

“Santa calls the shots, we just track him,” NYP reports.

For more information or if you want to track Santa Claus’s journey, go here.

Santa Claus Learns How to Use Technology

Last year, Santa decided to learn technology to visit with people. This allowed him to visit with people through video chats.

Throughout all of the hardships our world is currently dealing with, Santa will never skip his ride around the world. In fact, he actually prefers communicating with people through apps on multiple devices.