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Hunter Hayes Shares Photos, Intriguing Update on Social Media: ‘To New Things’

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Heartthrob Hunter Hayes tweeted out a series of photos with an intriguing caption. Consequently, his fans are riled up about the meaning behind it, curious about what the post may mean.

Fans are excited to learn what this open-ended caption means. Is Hayes referencing the release of a new album? Did he move? Or is he just toying with the hearts of country fans?

Hayes stands on the edge of a stonewall looking as handsome as ever in the photos. Apparently holding a glass of wine in his hand while the sun sets behind him, he says: β€œTo New Things!”

Hunters Hayes’ Fans on Twitter Jump to Conclusions

While Twitter users respond with gifs and tweets of them cheers-ing to him and his success, others take it a little farther. Suspecting a new album release, one of his fans asks whether or not this means a new album.

Hayes last released a full album in 2019. That album is entitled β€œWild Blue (Part I).” However, in late September, Hayes put out a short EP album called β€œPictures.” Fans seem desperate for a new full album from him and are letting him know those feelings.

Hayes was born in Louisiana and grew up with a diverse background. He is relatively famous for being able to sing in both French and English.

His background in cajun style music helped him become friends with Hank Williams Jr. In addition, he got to meet Johnny Cash and Charlie Daniels due to his prowess as a singer.

His country music career began early. As a five-year-old, he began performing songs. By the time he was nine, he cut his first album. Additionally when he turned 19, he signed with his first major record label, Atlantic Records Nashville.

All that said though, this could just be a post from Hayes celebrating the closing of the year. Or perhaps he has a new girlfriend that he has yet to take public. Either way, this is potentially huge news from the singer.

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