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Hurricane Laura: Ground-Level Videos of Destruction Hit the Internet

(Photo by STRINGER / AFP) (Photo by STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images)

The day after Hurricane Laura touched down in Louisiana causing intense storm surge and wind damage, Twitter users are posting videos of the affected sites. The record-breaking hurricane touched down overnight, so aftermath of the storm wasn’t visible until the light of Thursday morning. Hurricane Laura is reported to be the strongest hurricane to hit Louisiana in over 100 years.

A video posted on ABC New’s Twitter shows warped traffic lights, trees on top of homes, as well as debris-covered roads. The video shows the mess in Orange, Texas to illustrate the expansive destruction of Hurricane Laura.

One account posted a video of the Capital One Tower in Lake George, Louisiana, the morning after Hurricane Laura hit. As a result of the hurricane, windows are missing and in some areas, just the beams remain.

Reed Timmer, a storm chaser, records the large building being destroyed due to the strength of Hurricane Laura.

Even the Lake Charles weather radar is left broken because of the hurricane’s vicious path.

Another user posted a video of the strong winds. Hurricane Laura’s winds reached 150 mph at impact, in an undeniably horrific whirlwind of havoc.

Intense wind damage, in particular, is visible from another video. The tweeted video is captured by the same storm chaser who caught Capital One building during its wrecking.

Additionally, Weather Nation shared a video with drone footage of the ruin on Thursday. The video shows significantly damaged from heavy winds and storm surge.