Jason Aldean Sends Message to Fans: ‘Can’t Wait to Get Back on the Road’

Like many country singers, Jason Aldean misses being back on the road and performing live concerts again. He shared his anticipation to perform again with fans on Twitter.

On Twitter, Aldean wrote, “Great year despite all the craziness. As always, I appreciate everyone who cranks our songs up! Can’t wait to get back on the road and see u guys LIVE!”

Aldean also shared his Spotify numbers for 2020. For the year, Aldean’s music had 533 million streams with more than 20 million users listening for almost 28 million hours.

Jason Aldean Reminisces on Past Concerts

This wasn’t the first time Aldean reflected on being ready to get back on the road. Previously, he shared a throwback look at one of his past concerts.

Aldean wrote, “Man I’m missin these Friday Nights! Can’t wait to get back on the road and play for u guys.”

Aldean hopes the pandemic is gone by next year. According to Aldean’s website, Aldean plans to hit the road again in July 2021. Next year he has concerts planned in Ft. Loramie, Ohio and Brooklyn, Michigan. Tickets for those concerts are on sale. He also has a concert in Iowa planned for August of next year.

Aldean isn’t the only one ready to get back to live shows. Country artist Chase Rice has been vocal about his frustrations regarding COVID-19 protocols. He recently highlighted how he would hold concerts in a pandemic.

“There’s a way to do things that allow us to live our lives and do it safely,” Rice told CMT. “At concerts, you can have a section for the people who want to crowd the stage and go nuts and pretend like nothing’s going wrong in the world. Then you can have another section where people want to be distanced and still enjoy the show.”