‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek’s Daughter Nicky Praises His Homeless Center Donation

Nicky Trebek, daughter of the iconic Jeopardy! host, posted some amazing news earlier today. Before his passing in November, Alex and his wife made a $500,000 to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission. That money will go to build a brand new homeless shelter, according to the photo in the post.

Katie Couric recently said that Jeopardy! is more than a game show. The previous guest host said that the show is an American institution. So, it stands to reason that Alex Trebek was much more than a game show host. He was a national treasure. His fame and success from the show allowed him to do so much for so many. Its moments, and posts, like this that help his legacy live on.

Alex Trebek’s Generous Donation

The iconic Jeopardy! host passed away back in November. However, before his passing, he and his wife made at least one massive donation. They gave $500,000 to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission. Originally, that donation was planned for a facility called The Hope Center. But, that facility still needs more funding. So, the organization reached out to Alex about putting his money into another facility, according to a report by Fox Bangor. He agreed.

The Jeopardy! host’s donation was the big push that helped Hope of the Valley pull in over $2 million in donations from the private sector. At the same time, it helped to spur L.A. city councilman John Lee into getting a $6 million check from the city to help fund the facility.

The project partially funded by the late Jeopardy! host and his wife Jean will be an ambitious one. Hope of the Valley plans to convert an unused skating rink in the San Fernando Valley into a homeless shelter.

They will break ground on the aptly-named Trebek Center in May and it will be ready to take in residents in December. When it is finished, the center will hold 107 beds. The Trebek Center is what is referred to as bridge housing. Facilities like this serve as a bridge between homelessness and a new life. Residents of the center won’t just be getting a bed to sleep in. They will be able to take advantage of an array of services. These services include substance abuse counseling, job training and placement, and various mental health services.

Alex Trebek was passionate about assisting the homeless population in his area. This new center will help him continue to lend a helping hand to those in need for years to come. Jeopardy! made Alex Trebek a household name. His giving heart will be his legacy.