‘Jeopardy!’ Donation Total for Savannah Guthrie’s First Week as Guest Host Announced

Every week, one of America’s favorite game shows has been donating money to various charities. The Jeopardy! donation for Savannah Guthrie’s first week? It’s heading to the Big Apple.

The legendary show matches the total winnings from week-to-week. Essentially, whatever the five-day total is of the winning contestants amounts to, is what Jeopardy! will donate to the guest host’s choice. Coming into her guest-hosting stint, Guthrie and the show announced that The Bowery Mission will receive this week and next week’s donations.

The Bowery Mission looks to help homeless and struggling New York City citizens. It also focuses on assisting the city’s youth. On Friday, the show’s social media accounts revealed the total amount heading to the charity group.

“$105,801 raised so far for The @BoweryMission during @SavannahGuthrie’s first week on Jeopardy!”

While no one will ever truly replace Alex Trebek, the show presses onward with a rotating cast of guest hosts. Granted, Guthrie has made it a point to say that she does not desire the full-time gig. But while the show feels out potential replacements, they’re making it a point to do some good along the way.

Which Host Has Had the Highest Jeopardy! Donation?

Coming into Guthrie’s turn the show had totaled a whopping $1,694,976 in donations. If there’s anyway to honor Alex Trebek’s legacy, its making a tangible impact in places that need it.

Let’s work from the least to highest, and remember: the host doesn’t have control over how much contestants win or what the total will be. Per the Jeopardy! website, Mayim Bialik’s recent stint totaled $194,851, which was given to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Next up is Katie Couric. The journalist and personality chose Stand Up to Cancer as her charity. The show gave the organization $230,504.

The ever-popular Aaron Rodgers places next. The Green Bay Packers quarterback and reigning NFL MVP kept to his roots, choosing the North Valley Community Foundation as his option. Over his two weeks, contestants won $236,725 and Jeopardy! donated in turn.

Anderson Cooper actually chose two charities for his two-week run. Alongside Justice Defenders, which looks to train paralegals and lawyers for communities that need them, he also chose Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti, Haiti’s only 24/7 hospital.

Finally, Bill Whitaker named the Media Fellowship House as his recipient. The donation from Whitaker’s time is the most yet, with $257,998 going to the charity.

It’s also worth mentioning that Jeopardy! donated $250,000, matching the Tournament of Champions prize, to the Hope of the Valley Trebek Center, which was named in the legendary host’s honor.