‘Jeopardy!’: Guest Host Mehmet Oz Posts Throwback Video to Appearance as Contestant, Talks Charity

Jeopardy! continues to impress lately. The most recent thing they are doing is matching the winnings of their contestants. The game show will be donating the match to charity.

Dr. Oz, who is guest hosting for Jeopardy! at the moment, went on Twitter to remind fans of the news. He tells viewers and fans of the show that the money being matched will go towards Health Corps. For clarification, this is a charity Mehmet Oz himself started. When he was on the game show as a contestant, he decided that his winnings would be going towards this organization.

Health Corps is a nonprofit organization that provides health education to schools. It also helps provide funding and community outreach programs to underserved populations.

Again, his social media post explains exactly how the charitable donations are going to work. As of right now, Health Corps says that Jeopardy! has donated $72,201 to the organization.

Dr. Oz Announces That “Jeopardy!” Will Match Winnings and Donate Them to Nonprofit Organization

Health Corps mission is as follows: “Educating America’s youth in wellness at school not only changes their performance and quality of life, it directly influences their families and communities.”

This is an awesome gesture that will hopefully provide lots of relief to those in need.

Dr. Oz has been facing significant backlash since starting his guest host stint. Fans of the show are exceptionally upset by the current host of Jeopardy! In fact, there are hundreds of people who have been signing a petition to remove him.

The petition says that the current Jeopardy! host doesn’t fit in with the rest of the hosts. In particular, the petition says that his character as a television host doesn’t match that of the game show.

“Throughout his nearly two decades on television, he has used his authority as a doctor to push harmful ideas onto the American public, in stark contrast with his oath to first do no harm.”

“These ideas include promoting supplements that do nothing, legitimizing gay conversion therapy (which is banned in California, as well as 19 other states), dangerous ‘cures’ for autism, and, most recently, the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19. None of these things is backed by any scientific fact, and by promoting them, he is actively putting his viewers in danger.”