‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Comments ‘Dr. Seuss is BACK’ in Response to Meghan Markle Headline

Jeopardy! star Ken Jennings returns to Twitter with more hilarious jokes. This time, Meghan Markle and Dr. Seuss sit at the butt end of the joke.

On Twitter, Ken Jennings has kept his fans engaged with his amazing humor on social media. From his time as a contestant to his time as a host, fans always appreciated his hilarious personality. That personality really gets a chance to shine through in his social media posts.

Earlier today, Kennings posted a hilarious joke about the Suez Canal which sent fans cracking up in the comments. Just a few hours later, he posted a picture of a news headline with a hilarious caption attached to it.

“Dr. Seuss is BACK baby,” the Jeopardy! star said in response to a news headline. The headline read “Meghan Markle bakes a very Meghan Markle cake,” which somewhat mimics Dr. Seuss’s cadence and rhyme scheme. The headline resembles a line from Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham” book, and fans definitely noticed. Some of the fans had responses almost as funny as Jennings’s joke.

For instance, one educated fan pointed out the details of the classic Dr. Seuss writing style.

“Dr. Seuss does iambic tetrameter,” the fan responded. “This image looks more like a trochaic hexameter!”

Another fan took it a step farther and decided to turn the headline into a complete Dr. Seuss-style narrative.

“But When Meghan Markle bakes / a very Meghan Markle cake / and concludes the baking matter / by heating pan containing batter, / That’s what we call a pots-in-hots, sir,” the fan wrote, mimicking the iconic children’s book writer. “Pots-in-hots, the cake’s now done, sir. It’s more a torte than it’s a bun, sir.”

Ken Jennings’ Jokes Show Why he Won Jeopardy!

As expected with someone like Ken Jennings, all of his jokes require a certain social awareness to understand. All of his jokes engage with popular culture, news, current events, and history. That makes his jokes not only extremely funny but also extremely clever and thought-provoking. For that reason, it makes sense that he won over $2 million on Jeopardy!.

For instance, the Dr. Seuss joke has several layers to strip back to get to the meat. First of all, the whole Meghan Markle craze in popular culture makes his joke pretty topical. Beyond that, the controversy surrounding some of Dr. Seuss’s books no longer being published adds to the depth of the joke.

Finally, recognizing the headline as resembling the Cat in the Hat writer allowed the Jeopardy! genius to connect the two events.