‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Posts Relatable Parenting Dilemma: ‘Lazy Teenager or a Ska Musician’

On Sunday evening, Jeopardy! champion and interim host Ken Jennings shared an amusing post about a relatable parenting dilemma.

Jennings jokes about his children on social media from time to time. The parent of two teenagers is typically private about his family. However, living with teenagers can be tough, and he decided to share a recent household annoyance.

The father of two took a photo of one of his kid’s shoes. His son, Dylan, or daughter, Caitlin, left their shoes sitting in front of a closet doorway – one in front of the other. He joked that a “ska musician just got raptured” and disappeared.

For a little background to his joke, the shoes are Vans Old Skool checkerboard sneakers. The trendy sneakers’ design resemble ska music label 2 Tone Records‘ checkerboard motif. The famous record label was home to some of the most popular ska bands of the late ’70s and ’80s. The way the shoes are set one in front of the other, it looks as if Dylan or Caitlin literally disappeared out of their shoes.

Yet the explanation for the shoes sitting in the middle of the closet doorway is much simpler. His original prediction of having “lazy teenagers” in his home seems to be spot on.

“Either I have lazy teenagers or a ska musician just got raptured in my house,” Ken Jennings joked on Twitter.

Ken Jennings Amusingly Disowns His Son

On Thursday, Ken Jennings posted a hilarious exchange between he and his son after Dylan disrespected his dad’s favorite baseball team.

Jennings grew up in the Seattle, Washington area, so naturally, he’s a huge Seattle Mariners fan. With opening day of the MLB season right around the corner on April 1, Dylan asked his father if they could go to the Mariners’ first game.

The Jeopardy! champion asked his son what the attendance policy will be for Seattle’s opening home game because of COVID-19 protocols. He asked if the organization is allowing 25% capacity so fans can spread out. That’s when Dylan fired back a witty response his dad didn’t appreciate. His son said that the team is allowing 9,000 fans to attend the game. Additionally, he added, “So 100%,” making fun of the team’s typical poor attendance even in non-COVID times.

The Jeopardy! champion posted a screenshot of the pair’s short text conversation to his Twitter account. Then, he made sure to include a hilarious response for his fans and followers.

“My son is kicked out of the family, effective immediately,” Jennings amusingly wrote.