‘Jeopardy!’ Star Ken Jennings Celebrates Being on an ‘Unprecedented Three-Day Streak of Perfect Spelling Bee Scores’

Legendary Jeopardy! star and former guest host, Ken Jennings, took to social media on Saturday night to celebrate some more of his success.

However, this time he was dominating on the popular game show, Jeopardy!. He has instead been running up the high scores in the New York Times Spelling Bee Game called “Queen Bee.”

As most fans of the iconic game show already know, Jennings recently replaced longtime host Alex Trebek as host. Following him, the show’s executive producer, Mike Richards, stepped in for a turn behind the podium as well. Former NBC Today show host Katie Couric is currently hosting the show and will until March 19.

But even though Jennings is done on Jeopardy! for now, the show’s all-time most winningest contestant is still flexing his brain muscles. And that’s precisely what he did on Saturday night when he shared a picture of his latest Queen Bee scores.

“I am on an UNPRECEDENTED three-day streak of perfect Spelling Bee scores and today I’ve been one word short all day and it’s killing me,” Jennings wrote on Twitter.

Fans React to Latest Tweet from Ken Jennings

Meanwhile, fans of Ken Jennings took to the comments of his tweet to offer their thoughts on his latest spelling bee streak. Many even responded with screenshots of their own scores.

Twitter user Chris Bandemer (@BandyLaw) left a reply saying, “There are a couple of obvious ones on there that I missed. My pain is real 🤬🤬🤬🤬.”

One fan, though, just wanted to know when Jennings was coming back to Jeopardy!.

“Ken when will u be back on jeopardy?” @claytraingaming asked on Twitter. “Hope they make you full time host.”

Similarly, another follower says that while she thinks that Couric is doing a great job, she also believes Jennings should be the show’s permanent host.

“I think Katie is doing an awesome job as guest host,” Dennis (@ptguy2001) wrote. “I thought you were a lock until seeing her. I still think you should be the new host, but she’s been fabulous!”

Although nobody will ever truly replace the great Alex Trebek, fans are now seeing what the show can be as it moves forward. It would seem that fans love Jennings enough that the show would eventually offer to make him the permanent host.

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