‘Jeopardy!’: Which Guest Host Are Fans Liking More, Ken Jennings or Mike Richards?

After “Jeopardy!” executive producer Mike Richards took Ken Jennings’ place on the beloved game show, fans are giving their thoughts on who they like more as host. As of now, seems like fans are loving both!

Following Alex Trebek’s death in November, “Jeopardy!” veteran Ken Jennings took over as guest host for a six-week stint.

Following his time on the show, he thanked fans for their loving support in a heartfelt tweet.

“That’s a wrap on my six weeks of @Jeopardy guest hosting,” he wrote on Twitter. “Thanks for watching, thanks for your patience with a tough learning curve…and, as always, thank you Alex.”

Fans were sad to see Jennings go and answered his goodbye tweet with pleas for him to return as permanent host in the show’s future epsiodes.

“You are awesome Ken. I’m sure Alex is so proud of the job you’ve done. I hope in the end you will be the new permanent host,” one fan wrote to him on Twitter. “Your love of and (commitment) to the game shows and you belong there. Thanks for all.”

Another fan expressed their love for Jennings in the form of a “Jeopardy!” clue, complete with the blue screen and white font.

“This record setting former Jeopardy! contestant is really the only clear heir to Alex’s throne,” the clue read. (Answer: “Who is @KenJennings?”)

‘Jeopardy!’ EP Mike Richards Follows Ken Jennings as Interim Host

As Jennings’ time as host came to an end, Richards stepped up to the plate (or should we say behind the podium) as the new interim host.

After making his debut on the show, the 45-year-old quickly captured the hearts of “Jeopardy!” fans with his charm, warm personality, and charisma.

Following the debut episode, fans were torn about who they’d like to see as a permanent host.

Even though Jennings captured fan’s hearts during his stint as host, it seems Richards may be coming for his title as fan favorite.

“Mike Richards is A+ so far. Super palatable, just the right amount of jokes, not trying to bask in the limelight,” one Twitter user wrote. “Keep him!”

“I like this Mike Richards guy as a Jeopardy host,” said another user. “Not overbearing or distracting, and perfectly pleasant. It should be nice to see him get more comfortable and test the water over the coming days. Thinking maybe a relative unknown might be a decent lock.”

Despite the outpouring of approval online, coincidentally, Richards revealed he did not know of the “Jeopardy!” hosting gig “until three days before” filming.

“I didn’t know I was going to be doing it until three days before, and so I had not prepared myself to host in the way that I know other guest hosts are,” Richards stated in the interview. “So there was just a lot to unpack.”

Besides “Jeopardy,” Richards has also served as the executive producer for “The Price is Right” and “Let’s Make a Deal.”

Richards has also hosted game shows such as GSN’s “The Pyramid” and “Divided.”