Jessie James Decker Releases First-Listen of New Single Coming Later This Week


Temperatures might be dropping in many parts of the country as we head into fall, but Jessie James Decker is providing some serious heat. The country underdog has been on fire with the release of so much new music this year. She shows no signs of slowing down or stopping either

. In fact, Decker just released a very first-listen of her new single dropping later this week. Gather ’round the fire, Outsiders, and let’s take a listen together.

Jessie James Decker Previews “Not In Love With You”

First and foremost, let’s get that release date knocked out so you can add it to your schedule. Whether it’s your organized planner covered in stickers or your phone calendar, you won’t want to miss it! Jessie James Decker is full speed ahead for the official release of “Not In Love With You” later this week– more specifically, Friday, September 24th. Luckily for fans, Decker jumped on her Instagram account to preview the track with a little sneak peek-snippet.

Before we dive into the song, we have to mention the visuals attached to it. The singer finds herself in a sparkling pool of water, trying to soak up the last drops of this summer season. Decker’s wardrobe is enough to make Vanna White jealous. Her white button-up shirt possesses an iridescent sheen and the make-up for this look is equal parts glam.

She opens with the lyrics: “If I hear that you’re out at a party / I don’t go.” It’s a moody, sultry track that’s sure to take off.

Fans flocked to the comments to show their support for the singer. In between all the heart-eyed emojis, fans are begging to hear more from Decker, especially with her acapella-style singing.

Jessie James Decker gained some serious traction on the app over the last few months, bringing her just shy of the 4 million follower mark. Check out her latest post here:

A Triple Threat

Jessie James Decker is a singer, songwriter, and now entrepreneur, too. Recently, she shared her new business pursuits with fans on Twitter. The star launched a VIP “Just Jessie Box.”

While Decker didn’t reveal any of the contents stuffed into the box, if they’re half as glam as her, it should be a treasure trove of goodies. At the end of the day, fans just can’t get enough Jessie James Decker content. We feel the same way.

You can catch the Tweet right here: