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Joe Biden Declares ‘America is Back’

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

As the first presidential candidate in history to reach over 80 million votes, President-Elect Joe Biden is now declaring “America is back”.

While the election has been plagued with claims of “voter fraud”, Donald Trump has lost his bid for reelection to former Vice President Joe Biden. Recounts alongside final number tallying continue to show no evidence of fraud. As a result, the next President of the United States takes to Twitter to say “America is back”.

And as expected, Twitter is all over it.

Twitter Comes in For & Against Joe Biden

America continues to show great political divide, and the social media platform is strong evidence to such.

There are, however, moderates within the bunch. Voter Daniel Wagner comments “I hope it’s not back like it was. I voted for you, but never forget there’s a reason why millions of people voted for Trump. We were tired of the same old thing with the same people and no change. Don’t go back go forward America needs to move forward.”

Twitter is nothing without all-caps anger, though. A strange string of identical capitalized tweets come in response to Joe Biden. They read as such: “I speak for every American Citizen when I say that we won’t accept Biden as our President and that our 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DONALD JOHN TRUMP DESERVES A SECOND TERM. If this doesn’t happen we are all moving to Mexico. RIGGED.”

Furthermore, big names like Dan Rather are taking the news well. Without naming any names, Rather says “Competence is the new cool.”

Record voter turnout in nearly every U.S. state has Joe Biden declaring victory over current U.S. President Donald Trump. For Election Day and the day following, the race stood neck and neck. Most states delivered as expected, with the majority of the southeastern U.S. coming in strong for Trump and all of New England championing Joe Biden. Trump managed, over the next 24 hours, to take key states like Florida, as well.

As the results of the American election process stand, Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States.