Joe Biden’s Grandchildren Make Sure ‘Job Title Doesn’t Get to His Head’ With New ‘Pop’ Hat

Joe Biden and his grandchildren enjoy such a terrific relationship. They also can keep everybody grounded.

Take what the grandkids got the new president for Presidents Day. It’s a hat. Naomi Biden tweeted an image of the gift — a tan hat with “Presidential Retreat, Camp David” on the front of it.

Naomi Biden tweeted a photo of the hat. She said “we bought him some swag since it’s Presidents’ Day weekend and he’s “literally” President.”

And check out the back. It says “Pops.” Or, as Naomi Biden said: “And just to make sure the job title doesn’t get to his head…”

Joe Biden Enjoys First President’s Day

This is the first Presidents Day for Joe Biden. He was inaugurated on Jan. 20. He probably was allowed to celebrate the day for the eight years he was vice president to President Barack Obama. But truly, this day probably doesn’t compare to VP.

He and the family spent the weekend at Camp David, the presidential retreat. First, they celebrated Valentine’s Day. Joe Biden posted a heart-warming tweet about his wife, Jill on Twitter: “The love of my life and the life of my love. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jilly.”

And then the Bidens celebrated Presidents Day.

Joe Biden has seven grandchildren. They range in age from eight months to 26.

Naomi Biden, who likes to pull back the curtain on presidential life in her tweets, is the oldest of the grandchildren. She’s named for Joe Biden’s oldest daughter, Naomi, who died as a toddler in a car accident in 1972. Joe Biden’s first wife also died in the accident.

Naomi Biden also shared a short video clip of some family antics at Camp David on her Instagram story. Joe Biden was playing the video game “Mario Kart.” Naomi kidded her “Pops,” writing that the “Secret Service made the exception and let him drive himself.” Because of security reasons, a president doesn’t drive himself. We assume it’s OK to drive a video game.

In a pre-inauguration interview, some of the granddaughters talked to Jenna Bush Hager, the presidential daughter and granddaughter who now co-hosts the Today Show. Ashley Biden, Biden’s youngest daughter, also appeared with her nieces.

Biden’s other grandchildren include Finnegan, who is named for Biden’s mother, and her younger sister, Maisy, who is good friends with Sasha Obama. Finnegan and Maisy are Hunter Biden’s daughters.

Natalie Biden is 16. She’s the oldest daughter of the late Beau Biden. Beau also had a son named Hunter for Beau’s brother. Hunter Biden also has two more children, including Beau Biden Jr, who will be a year old in March.