John Wayne Podcast Will Be Hosted by The Duke’s Son Ethan, Now Has Premiere Date

John Wayne was a national treasure. Well, thanks to the management of his estate, John Wayne is a national treasure. Yesterday, they announced a new podcast that will revolve around The Duke. Now, we know precisely when the first episode is coming out and who will be the primary host.

The John Wayne Official Instagram account shared a post featuring John Wayne holding onto his son Ethan. That wasn’t a coincidence. It turns out, Ethan Wayne is going to be the one responsible for hosting the upcoming podcast.

The first episode is set to release on September 30. And those who are curious to see what the podcast will entail can head over to the account to check out a sneak peek on the John Wayne Official Instagram stories.

“Did you hear? We’re coming out with a podcast! Every Thursday, join host Ethan Wayne as he discusses the classic icon and the Americana he continues to inspire! The first episode will be released on September 30th but head to our Instagram Stories to get a sneak peek!” the caption reads.⠀

Count us in. The Duke makes an excellent subject for a podcast. Especially one informed by people who knew him.

John Wayne enjoyed an acting career spanning five decades. He is perhaps the single most iconic Western star of all time and helped the genre gain prominence. It’s hard to understate how much of an impact he has had on American popular culture. For his portrayal of Rooster Cogburn in “True Grit,” he was rewarded with a long-overdue Oscar in 1970.

Ethan Wayne Remembers the Driving Lessons John Wayne Gave Him When He Was Probably A Bit Too Young

As the youngest son of John Wayne, Ethan Wayne had an interesting childhood. The Duke was already decades into his iconic acting career when Ethan was born in 1962. And even though he had less than twenty years with his dad before Wayne passed away in the late 1970s, Ethan’s held onto plenty of memories.

One of the most entertaining (and maybe something to be discussed on the upcoming podcast) revolves around John Wayne giving Ethan driving lessons. It sounds like a regular dad activity, right? Well, what were you doing when you were five?

“When I was about five he would drive to Los Angeles, put me on his lap, and make me steer. If I would start driving out of the lane he would yell, ‘Hey — get back in the lane!’ and scare the crap out of me. He would also accelerate when we would go into a corner. He had a lot of fun doing that,” said Ethan.

If that doesn’t add to John Wayne’s legend, then we don’t know what will. Don’t worry. The Duke knew his way around a motor vehicle. We’re sure he was ready to recover the car if Ethan’s turns left something to be desired.