Kane Brown’s Makeup Artist Hospitalized After a Coconut Hits Her Head During Music Video Shoot

In a strange bit of luck, a coconut fell and injured the makeup artist for Kane Brown. The artist worked on the set of Brown’s video shoot for his song “Cool Again”. Brown collaborated with Nelly on the song.

Brown revealed the incident in a recent interview. In the music video, Brown and Nelly performed the song on a tropical beach with coconut trees. The video shoot took place on a private beach in Miami. The day before the team built a wooden hut, which appears in the video.

“The sad thing, our makeup [artist] actually ended up going to the ER — a coconut fell and hit her on top of the head,” Brown said. “My wife was talking about [that scenario] right before it happened, and we were in the trailer, and they came and told us, we were like ‘Whoa!’ But yeah, I think [she’s OK now].”

In a widely circulated but unproven statistic, an estimated 150 people die per year from falling coconuts. According to a study in the National Library of Medicine, coconuts can cause injury to the head, neck or back.

On the shoot, Kane Brown dealt with scorching weather.

Brown said the incident with the coconut wasn’t the only challenging part of the shoot. Brown said high temperatures affected filming the video. The team also had to practice social distancing guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was 95 degrees out there on the beach in Miami [with] the humidity, we had to keep our masks on unless we were shooting, so our masks were pretty nasty after that,” he relates.

“Cool Again” originally featured on Brown’s recent Ep, Mixtape Vol. 1. He released the song back in April and dropped a remix version with Nelly in August. Most recently, Brown performed his music at a pre-recorded drive-in concert nationwide. The country singer partnered with Encore Drive-in as part of their series.

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