Keanu Reeves on Not Signing Up for ‘Speed’ Sequel: ‘I Loved Speed, But an Ocean Liner?’

Keanu Reeves wasn’t impressed with the plot of Speed 2: Cruise Control.

In 1994, Keanu Reeves played Officer Jack Traven in the blockbuster Speed. In it, Jack and Annie (Sandra Bullock) had to keep a bus moving above 50 miles per hour to avoid an explosion.

The movie did so well that it prompted a sequel three years later. In the second installment, a hacker put a cruiseliner on a collision course with an oil tanker. Bullock signed up for the film, but Reeves bowed out.

“At the time I didn’t respond to the script,” he told The Graham Norton Show per CNN. “I really wanted to work with Sandra Bullock, I loved playing Jack Traven, and I loved Speed, but an ocean liner? I had nothing against the artists involved, but at that time I had the feeling it just wasn’t right.”

And Norton isn’t the only talk show host who has wondered why Keanu Reeves didn’t star in the second movie. In 2015, Jimmy Kimmel mentioned the film. And just as he told Norton, Reeves couldn’t get past the whole cruise ship thing.

“I didn’t get to be in that. Well, I decided not to be in that,” he admitted. “I loved working with [director] Jan de Bont and Sandra, of course. It was just a situation in life where I got the script and I read the script and I was like, ‘Ugh.’ It was about a cruise ship and I was thinking, ‘A bus, a cruise ship… Speed, bus, but then a cruise ship is even slower than a bus and I was like, ‘I love you guys, but I just can’t do it.’ “

And it turns out that snubbing the flick almost ruined Keanu Reeves’ career. In 2019, the actor told GQ that Fox was so angry when he opted out that he ended up in a sort of “movie jail” for an entire decade.

“I didn’t work with [Fox] again until [2008’s] The Day the Earth Stood Still,” Reeves said.

Keanu Reeves is ‘Technically Married’ to Winona Ryder

Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder may not think they’re a couple. But “in God’s eyes,” they are.

Reeves and Ryder starred together in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 horror flick Dracula. And during one scene, the couple got married—like, for real.

Coppola hired an actual priest to perform the entire ceremony. And they said “I do,” which technically makes them man and wife.

“We shot the master, and he did the whole thing,” Ryder told Entertainment Weekly in 2018. “So I think we’re married.”

Last month, Esquire asked Reeves to set the story straight. And Reeves admitted that in some way or another, he’s spiritually bound to Ryder.

“We did a whole take of a marriage ceremony with real priests,” he confirmed. “Winona says we are. Coppola says we are. So I guess we’re married under the eyes of God.”