Kelsea Ballerini Enjoying First House with Morgan Evans, Explains How it Has Been a ‘Good Outlet’

One of America’s favorite couples has moved into the suburbs of Nashville. Kelsea Ballerini and her husband, Morgan Evans, recently bought a house together.

The country-pop singer moved to a new house just before the two celebrate their third wedding anniversary. On December 2, the couple enjoyed their third anniversary.

The two are certainly excited for a change of pace in Nashville with the move. Ballerini shares her thoughts in an interview with People Magazine on moving into an actual house.

“We have been in an apartment since we got married. It’s a big pain to go from downtown Nashville to the ‘burbs, but it’s so good for us, especially this year, just to have a little more space, to not hear the interstate, and not hear the bachelorette parties. It’s been good for us to start settling in.”

Ballerini Is Enjoying Her New House

Also, the house move is giving Ballerini and her husband a new fun purpose. Although they are both enjoying making music, but are finding brand new creativity with their house.

“Honestly, [the move] just [is] giving us a little bit of purpose. I’ve obviously not had a lot of things to do this year other than make records, so I have needed to put my time and creativity into something, and getting this house together has definitely been a good outlet for me.”

Ballerini has been trying to keep busy during quarantine and the pandemic. One activity in particular, since moving into her new house has been decorating the new spot.

“The wallpaper is crazy,” she says. “I like a lot going on. I’m not a big minimalist person in a house. I like it to be very overstimulating. I don’t know why. And I also have this phobia of growing up, so I don’t like the house to feel like it’s like a grown-up house. I want it to feel fun. So wallpaper has been the key to both of those things. We have a big hallway, and we left the wall white, but we just have a gallery wall, full of a ton of different photos and some plaques and some frames, like half show prints and just random stuff. It looks almost like a wallpaper itself. It’s really cool.”

Certainly, there is more house decorating in Ballerini and Evans’ future, but for now, they’re just taking it one day at a time. Ballerini is also occupied with making new music as often as she can.