Ken Jennings Shares His Hilarious Thoughts on Christmas Music

We’ve all been there before, at least to some extent. You come home for Christmas, you get a few drinks in you at the local bar on the 23rd, see some old friends, and one thing leads to another… Next thing you know, you’re next to one of those high school acquaintances that hasn’t left town yet. Well, according to Ken Jennings, there is a whole genre of Christmas Music for that specific instance.

On Twitter earlier today, Ken Jennings shared his hilarious thoughts on Christmas music. Well, he may be two months late, but those takes would hit the same in February, March, or even July as they would in December.

“Taylor Swift’s “Tis the Damn Season” and Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne” are all-time classics,” Ken Jennings starts. Then he hits the punchline. “In the “Music Star Goes Home for Christmas, Gets Bored, Hooks Up with High School Crush Who Never Got Out” holiday music genre.”

While we may not all be music stars, we all know this scenario too well. We also know exactly the holiday music genre that Ken Jennings alludes to in the post.

Ken Jennings Continues with the Jokes

While Jeopardy! may not have a reputation as a comedy show, Ken Jennings sure came with the punch lines today. After dropping the hilarious joke in his post, he continued to rattle them off on Twitter. He ended up responding to his own post two more times after his original joke.

One fan pointed out the timing Ken Jennings had on his joke. “It’s February 17th, Ken,” the fan stated. Jennings, however, came prepared. “Ken, even if you’d remembered to tweet this in December, who would it be for?” he answered.

Ken Jennings closed it out by gauging the Twitter-sphere on their taste in Christmas music. “Where my Fogelberg-Swifties at,” he asked in his third comment. Many fans jumped in to give their two cents at this question, and, as you would expect, Taylor Swift and Dan Fogelberg have quite the fan following. Some fans even prompted Jennings to share his favorite T-Swift tune, but the new Jeopardy! host held his silence.