Kenny Rogers Posted a Photo of His Twin Sons All Grown Up in 2018: See the Pic

Besides being an exceptionally popular country artist, Kenny Rogers had his own special personal life that revolved around his family.

Kenny Rogers met his wife of over 20 years at a chance encounter in a restaurant in Georgia. She was working as a hostess and Rogers was going in for a blind date. He instead ended up calling the restaurant that evening and left his number for Wanda.

The two met, started dating, and eventually got married on June 1, 1997.

From there, the couple had two identical twin boys, Jordan and Justin.

Kenny Rogers’ Twin Boys

Kenny and Wanda had the two boys in the summer of 2004. He was married five times during his life and also had five kids.

They’ve grown up a lot since 2004. Now the twins are teenagers with that same dark curly hair that Wanda is known for. Kenny Rogers shared a picture with his family near Christmas time of 2018.

Unfortunately, Rogers passed away at the age of 81 in his home in Sandy Springs, Georgia, in March of 2020. At the time he was under hospice care and passed away from natural causes, according to USA Today.

“The Gambler” had spent over six decades singing and acting. He is known for hits like “The Gambler,” “Lucille,” and “Islands in the Stream.” He sold over 100 million albums worldwide, won three Grammys, and is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

However, he left behind his country music and retired in 2016. He did so with his farewell tour, called “The Gambler’s Last Deal.” He brought along his sons for this journey.

“My goal is to spend some time with them and take them to some places they might not have gone to without me. So, they can look back someday and say, ‘My dad took me there.’ That, to me, is my legacy for them,” Rogers said, according to Wide Open Country.

He ended his tour early in 2018 due to health issues. Rogers had been eager to retire after announcing his plan in 2015. He had a “bucket list of things I want to do with them,” in reference to his sons.

Rogers’ Other Children

Kenny Rogers was first married to Janice Gordon in 1958. The couple divorced two years later. He had his first child, Carole Lynne, with Gordon. He did not play a very active role in her life. Instead, he let her stepfather raise her.

Rogers then married his second wife, Jean, in 1960 and they got divorced in 1963. He then married Margo Anderson in 1964 and they got divorced in 1976. Rogers had one child with her, which was Kenny Jr.

He stated later on that he wished he could have been closer to his two oldest children.

 “As you try to get ahead, it’s too easy to think that these kids are still going to be kids tomorrow and that once you get your current project done, you’ll spend some time with them. Then you say, ‘Well, he’s still a child, after all, so I’ll go ahead and get one more project done.’ The next thing you know the child is grown up and you can’t relate to him at all,” Rogers said in an interview with People from 1982.

He then married his fourth wife, actress Marianne Gordon, and the two had another son, Chris. The two were together for over 12 years before eventually divorcing.