Kevin Costner’s ‘Field of Dreams’ Tractor Sells in Auction for Staggering Price Tag

If you auction it, they will bid.

And bid they did. Julien’s Auctions just sold the tractor used by Kevin Costner in the baseball classic “Field of Dreams” for a staggering $64,000.

Honestly, the ’77 John Deere is a beautiful machine and is worthy of respect whether or not it ever starred in any movie. Maybe not quite $60 G’s worth of respect. But if that beaut is operational, it could easily bring in close to $10,000 if “Field of Dreams” never existed.

Iowa, Donny Lansing, and the ‘Field of Dreams’ John Deere

It looks like the bulk of Model 2640s from the 1970s are asking anywhere between $8-12,000 on And that figure hasn’t changed much since Donny Lansing bought the now-famous one brand new in 1977.

In a 2018 video uploaded to Youtube by Machinery Pete, we get a comprehensive look at the tractor’s story. Not only did Donny Lansing own the tractor, but he also owned the Dyersville, Iowa farm at which the 1989 film “Field of Dreams” was shot.

“What you’re looking at here folks,” Pete said in the video. “This is the 1977 John Deere 2640 tractor that was in the movie. Famous scene where Kevin Costner is giving his daughter a ride through the cornfield. Chopping it up, making the baseball field.”

Donny recalls buying the tractor brand new for anywhere between $9,000-$12,000. And he bought it with the intent to use it on his farm. But in the 10 years between the time he bought it and “Field of Dreams” started shooting, he only logged a few thousand hours on it. In tractor years, that’s pretty dang young. But the star machine earned an early retirement from farm work.

“I was born and raised there. Lived there all my life. And just got a knock on the door one day and they told they wanted to make a movie,” Donny said of his farm. He agreed. They brought a crew. And the filming they did in the summer of 1988 made his farm an iconic landmark.

Not every day Universal Studios comes knocking on your door to make a big-budget film, especially when you’re an Iowa corn farmer. But Donny owned the farm, and knock they did.