Kevin Costner wants to sing this song from 'Yellowstone' live.

Kevin Costner Released an Album Inspired by ‘Yellowstone,’ Here’s the Song He Wants to Play Live

Kevin Costner & Modern West have been hard at work bringing music from the popular series Yellowstone to life. Recently, Costner took to Instagram with an enticing offer for fans. He asked viewers what song from the series they’d want to hear live. Costner answered “The Man I Am,” offering up a link to stream the song he named.

“Live music feeds the soul like few other things can,” Costner captioned his Instagram post. “What song from #TalesFromYellowstone do you want to hear live?” He continued his post with the answer: “For me, it’s ‘The Man I Am’.” Alongside the text, he attached a monochromatic photo of himself playing with his band, Modern West.

“The Man I Am” is from the Yellowstone-inspired album Tales From Yellowstone that Costner created alongside his band Modern West. The album has several songs written from the perspective of characters like John and Beth from the series, as well as how the actor himself was feeling when he was at Yellowstone.

“There’s times when it’s so hot, the pine needles are bouncing on the ground,” he told TV Insider. “When the wind blows, there’s that smell. It never leaves you.”

Of course, the current coronavirus pandemic makes it difficult to play live music for a number of people. If the actor and singer can get back to touring soon, perhaps he’ll treat us to the song. The entire album is a concept based on the TV show, so it has plenty for fans to enjoy. If the pandemic allows it, we might get to listen to some of the songs live soon enough.

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