Kid Rock Doubles Down on Retirement Stance at Michigan Concert

Although he has been performing for three decades, Kid Rock is possibly considering the idea of retiring from music.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Kid Rock hinted to the crowd at the Pine Knob Music Theatre on Friday (September 16th) that his current tour may be his last. The 51-year-old rapper stated that he has two grandchildren he is eager to spend time with. “You never know what the future holds,” he told the concertgoers. “But if we do a few events a year, it’d be a pretty safe bet that something will be in Michigan.” 

While not specifically saying retirement, Kid Rock definitely said he’s taking a break. “Maybe we’ll get bored in a few years and go at it again. But I tell ‘em every night [on the tour]: If this was my last time here… It’s been great. I thank all of you especially, here in my hometown, for an unbelievable life beyond my wildest dreams. You’ve been such a huge part of that. And I will forever love you so much.” 

Kid Rock’s Bad Reputation is continuing on. He will be performing at the Toyota Amphitheatre in Wheatland, California on September 30th. Other stops include San Bernardino, California, Reno-Sparks, Nevada, and Laughlin, Nevada. 

Kid Rock Spoke About Retirement Plans at the Beginning of 2022

Kid Rock began to publicly speak about retirement plans at the beginning of 2022. He shared his thoughts on what his future plans are in a 4-minute clip on his social media accounts

“I’m not trying to sell tickets,” Kid Rock explained. “‘Oh, this is the last tour, you better come out and see me.’ But it very well could be for the unforeseen future. At 51 years old, it’s not getting any easier to do jumps and carry on on-stage. But I’m really keeping myself together, I’m getting prepared mentally, physically, working out every day, trying to eat healthy, all that [expletive].”

Kid Rock further explained that the key goal of his health efforts is to be at top-notch health for the tour. “I want to be at my peak for this tour because I really don’t know for the unforeseen future if we’ll do a big tour again.” 

Further speaking about the tour and what he expects from it, Kid Rock shared, “Will we play some select shows in the future in the years to come? Possibly, maybe bring back the crews, just do a few key things. But being in tip-top shape, still being in what I would call the tail end of my prime, I want to make this one big, and if it is the last one, I want to do right. So this is a very special tour to me.”